What Is Shakeology And How Does It Work?


Shakeology is a shake that has been designed, produced and manufactured in the year of 2009 by a bunch of health and fitness fanatics. This team included Darin Olien who is the CEO of Beachbody. 

Shakeology shakes are at the very core of Beachbody's whole ethos of weight loss, muscle gain and overall health and wellbeing. Those who use the service are advised to drink them every single day.

The shakes are marketed and advertised as a superfood health shake that will supposedly help you to reduce cravings, shed the pounds, have an optimally functioning digestive system and increase energy levels. 

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What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a blend of both a protein shake and a meal replacement drink. It is said to be both tasty and full of nutrients, thus trumping any other protein shake or meal replacement out there. Plus, it is advertised as one of the best diet shakes for weight loss on the planet too. 

You can pick between vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours with the option of going vegan if you prefer (or have no choice but to like) this way of life. 

Whey protein, pea protein, vitamins, herbs, probiotics, digestive enzymes and antioxidants are crammed into these shakes to inject you with a hit of goodness. Not to mention that the producers have made fruit and green blends too which utilise ingredients like kale, goji berry, chlorella and pomegranate. 

If you decide to use these, you will have to mix a scoop of whichever Shakeology mix you choose with 236 to 355 ml of water, juice, almond milk or milk either once or two times a day. 

The company does stress that a healthy diet as a component of a positive lifestyle is essential so, although you can replace one meal each day with their shake, you should not go over this. Instead, they recommend using their drink as a snack or post-workout pick me up.

Replacement Meal Drinks

Are replacement meal drinks the way to go if you are wondering how to lose weight well? We shall have to wait and see as there are pros and cons to partaking in the meal replacement trend. 

The Pros

Avoid Unhealthy Meals

One of the biggest advantages to using meal replacement shakes is their convenience and portability which will mean you don't have to stop off at the nearest McDonald's on the way home from work. 

Giving in to the likes of KFC and Burger King will mean you are piling sugar, artificial foods and refined carbs which will ruin your weight loss efforts and leave you feeling unsatisfied. So, having a handy shake to turn to will give you a far healthier option when you are stressed or busy. 

Provide Nutrients that Other Diets May Lack

When you start to lose weight, you will be, without a doubt, cutting back on calories. It's hard to consume all the nutrients you need when you start to eat in a calorie deficit so replacement shakes are made specifically to be chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre to make up for this. 

May Help You to Lose Weight Quicker

As you know, lowering your calories is a must when trying to lose weight. Although, this may be pretty tricky if you are constantly feeling hungry and cranky. 

Meal replacement drinks can make you feel full and satisfied, all while sticking to your calorie deficit. This makes dieting and losing weight a lot easier than it would be if you try to struggle through the hunger and horrible mood swings. 

Increase Your Protein Intake

Just as everything in life is different, so are meal replacement shakes.

Some of them are high in protein which will further aid you in your weight loss adventure. You may find that those which have an increased protein content also have higher sugar levels to improve the taste — try to find one consisting of high protein and less sugar.  

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The Cons

Some Consist of Unhealthy Ingredients

Although many meal replacements are made with healthy, wholesome ingredients, some do contain things like corn syrup, artificial flavourings, chemical preservatives and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. 

Some may even consist of more sugar than protein which is absolutely not what you want when trying to shed the pounds. You need to make sure you read the labels on your shakes before you buy them, otherwise, you will probably end up more sorry than safe. 

A good rule of thumb — if you can pronounce the ingredient list, you are on to a winner. 

Might Not Be For Long-Term Use

As we have said, meal replacement shakes provide nutrients but they will never be able to beat a diet that is packed with whole foods. This is why it isn't necessarily a long term weight management plan as it just is not sustainable. 

Not to mention the fact that many social gatherings include food of some kind which could put you on the back burner when you crack open your shake.

Do Not Fix Unhealthy Habits

Fad diets and a "quick fix" never entirely work for weight loss. If you want to keep the fat off, you must make lifestyle changes that you can uphold in the long term. 

Meal replacement drinks may allow you to lose weight faster, they won't change your old eating habits for you — you will have to put the work in here. 

Why Replacing Balanced Meals is Harmful

While Shakeology packs a punch with the number of nutrients they have put into their drinks, if you are already eating a balanced diet, you should not replace meals as you won't be getting entirely enough of everything in terms of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants that you need. 

Calorie Deficit and Shake Replacement

Being in a calorie deficit, like we have already mentioned, will cause you to feel hungry. This can make it tricky to stick to your new diet and to consume enough nutrients throughout the day. 

This is where the shakes are useful as they can provide you with the nutrients that you might be lacking due to your lowered calorie intake, all while keeping you feeling full and satisfied. 

As we have spoken about previously, it is important not to use Shakeology as a meal replacement for more than one meal each day. Plus, if you are eating a balanced, healthy diet already, utilise the shakes as a snack for in between your nutritious meals. The drinks cannot compete with the wholefoods you are consuming. 

Quick Weight Loss VS Longer-Term Lifestyle Changes

Quick weight loss will, as the name suggests, give you faster results and leave you looking thinner, more toned and able to fit in your jeans. This will, in turn, result in you feeling happy at a much quicker rate. 

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However, longer-term lifestyle changes will mean that you not only lose the weight, but you keep it off for as long as you want to! While short term happiness is good for the moment, long term happiness is far better when you realise you no longer struggle with your body image and can just get on and enjoy your life.