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Key benefits our users have reported are:

Less snacking

Finding it easy to stick to diets

Losing weight and keeping it off

More confidence

Increased energy

Better sleep

How Does
Modius Work?

Grounded in decades of science, Modius is the first weight loss wearable that uses neurotechnology to make dieting easier.

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Modius is award winning technology

People Modius

I'm 62 been fat all my life. Diets exercise miracle tea coffee pills hypnosis. I've tried it all spent thousands. This may be my last shot.

My youngest son getting married. I didn't want to hide from the camera cry when I couldn't find anything to wear. I found modius l know it's early days, 1st thing I noticed I'm actually sleeping much better which makes me feel much better. My cravings binge eating all gone.

I'm losing inches my clothes are lose it truly is amazing. I really believe I'm going to do it this time and the support from modius helps so much.

I don't feel alone. I don't feel worthless. I'm going to do this... with the help of Modius.


Excellent device must be patient and adjust eating lifestyle and this device just makes it easier to stick to your plan. I also notice if I miss a session that I struggle to control my cravings. Excellent, read the science and understand what you are doing.


Consistency is key! I lost 10+ lbs (6+% of my weight) very quickly the first few months I used Modius, and then hit a "lull". However, I never gave up! I didn't gain the weight back, which was exciting as well! Even without further weight loss, I slept so well! I continued to use Modius, changed my workouts a bit, and then last month decided to try a different diet.

I had already eaten fairly clean, so I tried Keto and intermittent fasting. Along with daily Modius use, I lost another 10+ lbs (7+% of my weight).

I am thrilled with my results and have recommended Modius to others - and am proof positive that it CAN work!!

Everyone is different - you have to keep trying different times of day for using Modius, and then be consistent. I had to find other complimentary things to do - a better workout or a different diet, etc. It works for me and I couldn't be happier!!

Thank you also to the Modius Team for AWESOME customer service and support throughout this entire process. Top notch group of people, supporting a wonderful product!!