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are sweet potatoes good for you

The Rather Surprising Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes

by Team Modius on

Are sweet potatoes good for you — the age-old question! Many people are tricked into thinking that if the word 'sweet' is involved, then it can't be healthy,...

can diabetes cause sleep problems

Can Diabetes Cause Sleep Problems?

by Team Modius on

Diabetes And Sleep Health- All You Need To Know One of the most common questions medical experts have of their diabetic patients that are complaining about out-of-control blood...

weight changes during menstrual cycle

Weight Changes During Menstrual Cycle

by Team Modius on

What Happens With Body Weight During Your Period? Each and every month your body is going to go through a number of pretty radical changes while you have...

can you exercise with a cold

Exercising With a Cold — Should You Bother?

by Team Modius on

When you're feeling under the weather you may feel like hibernating under an inordinate amount of blankets (which is completely understandable) however, on the other hand, you may...

how to improve cardio fitness

Top Exercises For Improving Cardio Fitness and Stamina

by Team Modius on

If you are trying to lose weight and/or improve your cardiovascular health, you'll want to make sure that you incorporate cardio workouts into your wellness regime. Intimidated by...

sleep myths damaging your health

Sleep Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Health

by Team Modius on

Four Sleep Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Health Believe it or not, according to new information published independently in both the United States and in the United...