How to Stay in Shape after you turn 60

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Let’s not sugarcoat things here.


Trying to lose weight after you blow out the candles on your 60th birthday is hard – sometimes really (REALLY) hard.


Father Time remains undefeated, slowing down our metabolism, chewing away at our energy levels, and generally just sapping us of our strength and enthusiasm for working out.


At the same time, the right combination of diet and exercise for over 60 years old individuals can be a game changer to help you stay in shape – were get in shape – and lead the kind of happy, healthy, and productive life you deserve.


Why Is It Harder To Stay Slim As We Age?

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There are all kinds of reasons folks have difficulty losing weight after 60, some of which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a flat out lack of desire to exercise for over 60 and overweight individuals.


For starters, your hormonal balance is throughout your body are going to go through some pretty significant changes as you reach your 60th birthday.


These hormonal changes wreak havoc on your underlying biochemistry, making it tougher than ever before to go about getting fit at 60+ or even having a healthy diet for over 60s worked the way that you want it to.


On top of that, a lifetime of less than healthy habits (particularly if you haven’t been eating as healthy or exercising as regularly as you could have in the past) can really start to catch up with you around this major milestone.


All of this conspires to make finding the best exercise routine for the over 60s a bit of a challenge, and also makes it pretty tough to find the best diet for over 60 female and male individuals that want to lose weight, look younger, and live a healthier lifestyle..


List Of Tips To Lose Weight After 60


Of course, just because it may be tougher to lose 20 pounds less than 60 days in your 50s, 60s, and 70s that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Not by any stretch of the imagination.


There are all kinds of things you can do to find the right workout for 60-year-old man and women that are serious about improving their health and wellness through healthier lifestyle habits.


Strength training is a great way to start things off.


Most older adults don’t think of strength training as something “for them”, considering it something for younger people looking to throw heavy barbells and dumbbells around a gym to get into.


Truth be told, older individuals can really benefit from strength training – maybe more so than younger folks that are usually looking to build up their beach muscles more than anything else.


Strength training helps you to lose fat, to build muscle, and to fight back against the overall aging process. Your metabolism speeds up, your muscles atrophy at a slower pace, and you’ll have more energy and more strength almost immediately.


Cleaning up your diet is also going to go a long way towards helping you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Sure, you want to figure out the right exercise for over your old individuals to hit the ground running – but the biggest differences to your health are going to be found in the kitchen.


Low carb, low sugar diets can help you to improve your overall nutrition immediately. Also, start to drink a lot more water (your body weight in ounces is a great way to start) and supplementing with key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and zinc will change your health, your energy level, and your attitude almost overnight.


When you hit your 60th birthday the best diet for men over 60 looks almost exactly like the best diet for women over 60, too. Just dive right in with both feet – eating more vegetables, lean protein, and high-quality sources of dietary fat with less carbs and sugar – and you’ll be off to the races.


Good Exercises For Over 60s

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As far as the best exercise for over 60-year-old individuals is concerned you can’t go wrong with:


  • Resistance band training
  • Traditional weightlifting (starting light and building up a base of strength)
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Swimming
  • Cardio work (on the treadmill, around the block, or with a jump rope)
  • Yoga


… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


All of these exercise programs are designed around helping you build a happier and healthier body, as well as a slimmer and fitter body. You might even be able to be one of those lucky people with flat abs over 60!


At the end of the day, it really all comes down to finding an exercise program that you enjoy and something you can do consistently. The best workout is always the workout you do on a regular and consistent basis.


Find something that keeps you active and dive right in.


Diet Advice For Over 60s

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As far as diet advice for folks over 60 years old are concerned (especially those that want to know how much weight can I lose and 60 days), it really all comes down to what you’re willing to give up as far as your traditional daily diet is concerned and just how radical you want to get with things.


The closer you get to eating a mostly vegetable diet (with lean protein, healthy fat, and low carbon and sugar intake) the better you are going to look and the better you are going to feel.


Of course, not everyone is willing to give up their favorite foods that they’ve enjoyed for 60 years – and that really shouldn’t be mandatory, either.


It may be a good idea to start small with your dietary overhaul, replacing a couple of meals with more vegetable and lean meat-focused meals and slowly work your way towards a more often than not “clean” daily diet.


Throw those cheat meals and every now and again and you won’t feel like you are punishing yourself when you take your nutritional health and well-being more seriously.


All things considered, the 59-year-old woman ideal weight and the 59-year-old man ideal weight is going to come down to how you look, how you feel, and how your body is set up to confront Father Time.


Some folks can carry around a couple of extra pounds without making any difference, others are going to find it next to impossible to add any extra weight, and others still are going to look to build a body ready for the beach after their 60th birthday.


It’s all up to you!