A Definitive Guide To The Bleep Test

bleep test

The bleep test or beep test, also known most formally as ‘multi-stage fitness test’ as well as ‘pacer test’, ‘Leger test’, and ‘20m shuttle run test’, is often a required standardized assessment measuring your fitness level. These are used for those wishing to join the police, soldiers for the military, or in finding out if you have the appropriate level of fitness for a particular team sport. It is a very simplistic type of test yet intensely powerful. There is no special equipment required for the test, as long as you’re able to measure out 20m distance, use an app, or download an mp3, you’ll have results in approximately 15 minutes if you can last that long.

What Is The Bleep Test?

University of Montreal’s Luc Leger designed the bleep test in 1983 as basically a running test created specifically to test fitness levels. It is still considered to be the popular method of measuring VO2 or simply the maximum aerobic capacity for coaches and those looking for candidates for workforces that require physical endurance. In answering what is the bleep test, it is quite simply a scientific measurement of your maximum fitness level. It is essential in helping to determine the capacity for your endurance with exercise when there is not all-out sprinting the entire time.

beep test

The beep test entails running back and forth in between two marked points that are 20m apart. Every run has to be synchronized via a pre-recorded audio that will beep at regular intervals. During the course of the test, the runner advances up through a variety of different beep test levels that last only a minute with each beep going faster at each level achieved. When the runner can't reach the line before the beep, this will be recorded as their highest score and the test ends.

Why Is It Useful?

This is one of the most popular job-related fitness assessments particularly police bleep tests as well as for fire service personnel and military soldiers as it measures a candidate's overall fitness level, endurance, along with their mental and physical stamina. It not only tests your skills physically but more importantly whether you have the will to fight to go on and not give up. For someone who is determined to be part of the police, military, or fire services, you wouldn’t want them to give in during a challenging situation simply due to being tired. These organizations are looking for candidates who display determination and courage as opposed to those who show weaknesses and aren’t capable of performing in difficult environments or in extreme conditions. With the bleep test, you will push yourself to the limit and beyond which is what trainers want to see.

Who Uses The Bleep Test

Not only are bleep tests used on the job front for regimented positions such as police and fire as well as with soldiers in the military, but it is also very popular as preseason and in-season assessment for athletes in multiple different sports arenas. With the minimal equipment required and the little space needed, it is very attractive for coaches and trainers. The interval running proves to be quite a challenge for even the most elite of players who come in being in top condition. The bleep tests also offer the best spread with results that allow the coaches to separate their players into realistic fitness levels.

The bleep test is used also by physical training instructors to assess fitness as it is deemed to be most likely the most effective cardio workout for fat loss. In the traditional version of cardio training, it would involve a low-intensity aerobic type of session going for a lengthy period of time at optimal fat-burning capacity. This would generally be done on an empty stomach and oftentimes resulted in losing muscle mass.

beep test levels

We’re now realizing that effective cardio exercise is not related to burned calories during the session but rather the exercise effect on the body while performing and after. The beep test calories burned calculator will help to assess the calories that are burned during the session but it’s more important to incorporate the high intensity of the beep test to stimulate the metabolism into running at a much higher level for a longer period of time which will burn a greater percentage of overall calories throughout the whole course of the day. If you kept going until you couldn’t go anymore, the job is going to be completed irrespective of what calories were burned. You’ll be given a whole lot more bang for your buck. This is perfect for those who are weight training or bodybuilding.

The bleep test is not a complicated test to perform, but it will test your very limits and go beyond that.