10 Benefits Of A Vegan Diet You Simply Can't Ignore

benefits of vegan diet

While there may not be any such thing as a universal “perfect diet” – human beings individually are much too diverse for there to ever be an idealized diet that works for everyone – mountains of scientific research are beginning to show that there are a lot more benefits of vegan diet approaches compared to a more omnivore or carnivore approach.


In this quick guide we dive deep into the top 10 benefits of going vegan, touch on some of the key facts, figures, and science behind vegan diets, and even conclude with some of the more important health stats you want to consider if you’re looking to take the plunge with this dietary approach.


Let’s dig right in!


Benefits of Going Vegan


A vegan diet is going to exclude any and all products that include any food sources that can come from animals – not just limited to meet, but also extending out to dairy, eggs, and even things like gelatin and honey.


Some find making the switch to veganism to be a bit of an uphill climb, but once they break down the numerous different vegan health benefits statistics for themselves they recognize pretty quickly that if you’re looking to fuel your body – looking to enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness – this just might be the right approach.


Let’s get right into the top 10 reasons to be a vegan today.


Easy Weight Loss


One of the biggest benefits of choosing to go vegan has to be the fact that you are going to be able to enjoy almost effortless weight loss, particularly if you’ve been struggling to get rid of excess weight in the past.


Today’s overprocessed and overly artificial traditional diet – oftentimes called the Standard American Diet (or SAD way of eating) – is filled from top to bottom with foods and ingredients that aren’t just going to wreak havoc on your health and wellness, but will also pack on pound after pound of fat.


Things only get worse if you, like so many in our modern world, lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle.


Switching to a vegan approach can help you to scale back your caloric intake almost instantly. You’ll eat smaller portions of more nutrient dense foods, fueling your body with the “right stuff”, and elevate your metabolism all at the same time so that you turn into a fat burning furnace.

 benefits of going vegan

Better Bioavailability of Key Nutrients


A vegan lifestyle is also going to flood your body with more nutrient dense fuel sources than ever before, helping you to skyrocket your overall intake of key nutrients like:


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc


… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


You’ll also flood your body with quality sources of fatty acids, branched chain amino acids, and a variety of other nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will improve your overall health significantly.


Best of all, because these sources of nutrients are coming from plants they have a higher bioavailability factor. That means you’ll get more “bang for your buck” with these kinds of nutrient sources.


Lowers Blood Sugar Levels


You do not have to be a professional nutritionist to know that the SAD eating approach is anything but good for blood sugar and blood pressure levels.


A number of studies have conclusively shown that more than 50% of vegans are able to dramatically reduce the amount of diabetes medication they need to take, with many of them able to all but totally reverse Type II diabetes and get off medications entirely.


As if that wasn’t reason enough to make the switch, a number of studies have also shown that those following a vegan diet have between 50% and 75% lower chances of actually becoming diagnosed with type II diabetes in the future compared to those that need a traditional SAD nutritional approach.


Improved Energy and Mental Clarity Levels


A lot of the overly processed, sodium and sugar rich foods we consume on a regular basis flood our bodies with spikes of energy and improved mental clarity – but only for a short duration of time ahead of an inevitable crash that can wipe our productivity out completely.


By switching your diet over to a vegan approach you’re able to eliminate those spikes and valleys almost completely, evening out your energy while elevating it overall at the same time. You’ll also be able to clear out any mental cobwebs you may be dealing with, too.


It usually takes about seven days or so after switching to a vegan approach to see these kinds of benefits – but after that they are almost entirely permanent.


Improves Kidney Function


A study conducted by the American Heart Association in partnership with the National Cholesterol Education Program conclusively found that 43% of all participants following a vegan diet were able to dramatically improve overall kidney function.


A number of other independent studies conducted in Europe and Asia also found that those living with type I or type II diabetes that jumped off of a neat based diet to eat a vegan diet were able to reduce their overall risk factors for poor kidney function by as much as 48%.


Those aren’t insignificant improvements.


Alleviates Food Sensitivity Issues


With nearly 65% of the global population lactose intolerant, and more than 80% of the global population having at least one food sensitivity issue or food allergy, the cool thing about the vegan approach is that you’re able to alleviate (or even completely eliminate) food sensitivity issues altogether.


You’ll never again have to worry about “poisoning” your body with foods or ingredients that may or may not include the allergens or biochemicals that cause your digestive system to react negatively. Instead, you’ll have a lot more control over your daily diet, smoothing things out significantly.


May Fight Back Against Forms of Cancer


More research is obviously necessary to fully understand the connection between veganism and cancer prevention, but there’s a reason why the World Health Organization believes that 1/3 of all cancers are created by our diet as well as other aspects of our lives that are completely under our own control.


If you’re interested in lowering your cancer risk factors as much as humanly possible it’s hard to overlook the benefits of vegan diet approaches.


Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes have all been found to have a variety of active compounds and biochemicals in them that work to not only fight back against cancerous cells but also to reduce inflammation and protect your cellular structures against cancerous attacks in the first place.


Lower Cholesterol Levels


A study created in partnership between the US National Institute of Health and the UK Medical Research Council found that there are a number of significant benefits of going vegan that reduce overall cholesterol levels – particularly LDL cholesterol levels (commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”).


Not only does a vegan dietary approach reduce blood sugar and total cholesterol levels, but also reduces high blood pressure – major contributing factors to heart disease (something we touch on in just a moment).

 benefits of going vegan for your skin

Reduces Heart Disease Risk Factors


According to reports published by the World Health Organization in 2014, anywhere between 80% and 90% of all heart disease and heart attack issues were found to have been caused by lifestyle and dietary choices as opposed to underlying genetics (as was believed to be the case in the past).


Those leading a vegan lifestyle are able to eliminate dairy, eliminate a lot of the unhealthy fat found in meat, and are able to almost completely eliminate processed foods that contain all kinds of chemicals and additives that contribute negatively to heart disease risk factors.


You “Know” Your Food Better


More and more people are becoming interested and involved in learning about the food they put into their bodies than maybe ever before, with a real push towards locally sourced, organically grown and harvested food sources.


When you purchase fruits and vegetables from a local farmers market, for example, you get to learn so much more about your food. You learn where it comes from, what makes it special, what went into growing it and harvesting at, and how to better prepare it – all straight from the individuals responsible for making it possible in the first place.


That just isn’t going to happen when you are reading the Standard American Diet.


Calms Inflammation and Arthritis


Inflammation is a huge problem in the world of health today, one of the major underlying root causes of a significant amount of life-threatening and life altering medical conditions and diseases.


By switching to a vegan diet (and embracing all of the best reasons to be vegan that we highlighted above) you’re able to fight back against inflammation, see a dramatic reduction in pain, joint swelling, and stiffness, and overall lead a life that’s more flexible, more limber, and able to resist medical emergencies that can be caused by inflammation.

 is vegan food good for you

Vegan Health Benefits Statistics


If you are still wondering is vegan food good for you, here are some statistics that make clear up a little bit of your hesitation.


  • 8 million lives could be saved between now and 2050 if even just half the world switch to a mostly vegan diet
  • $1.5 trillion in healthcare related savings would be realized with the same switch to a mostly vegan diet
  • Searches for “vegan diets” quadrupled in the five years between 2012 and 2017, with three times more searches for vegan diets than vegetarian or gluten-free dietary approaches
  • The United Kingdom has launched more vegan products over the last 10 years than any other nation
  • Demand for vegan meals grew by 388% between 2016 and 2018 in the US and the UK
  • Individuals that switch to a mostly vegan diet are able to save upwards of $1200 per year on groceries


Closing Thoughts


At the end of the day, if you’re wondering whether or not there are enough reasons to switch to a vegan diet – or if the benefits of going vegan for skin, health, energy, and weight loss reasons are enough to take the plunge – hopefully we’ve been able to shine enough light on the topic for you to feel comfortable moving forward.


There are a lot of benefits for making the switch to this kind of dietary approach and very little reasons not to.


If you’re still hesitant to make the switch consider a 30 day trial – or even just a seven-day trial – to get a feel for how it may positively impact your life before making this drastic a change more permanent.