Audrey - Lost 44lbs

Why did you decide to try Modius?

I needed to lose weight, and having yo-yo'ed for much of my adult life, I was open to trying something that would make it easier.

How long have you been using Modius?

I have been using Modius since the end of November 2017 i.e. 14 months.

How much weight have you lost?

I have lost a total of 20 kilos to date, only another 5.5 kilos to go!

Did you notice a change in your appetite and cravings? Did you find that this made losing weight easier?

Yes, I noticed an immediate change, i.e. It was no longer an effort to eat less, and not snack between meals.

How has Modius transformed your life?

The weight loss thanks to the help of Modius has been great! And I can enjoy eating out and even eat less sensibly on these occasions, whilst eating less for the remainder of the days I would eat out.

Did you feel down about your weight before Modius?

I wouldn't say I felt down, I eventually would "get a grip" and lose the weight!

Do you feel more confident in yourself now?

I wouldn't necessarily say that my confidence is much different, I don't put myself under pressure when I have been overweight, I am just well aware that I feel better when I am not overweight!

Has anyone else noticed your weight loss?

Yes having lost 20 kilos, it is obvious to those who know me!

Would you recommend Modius to other people?

Yes I would, and have done, a friend bought one a couple of months ago, she did lose weight initially but hasn't been consistently using it, so no surprise to me that she isn't continuing to lose!