Why So Many People Look To Lose Weight For Their Wedding

lose weight for wedding

Everyone wants to look perfect for their special day. Unfortunately, most brides and grooms equate looking good with the concept of being able to lose weight for wedding. Many of the brides who purchase their wedding gowns do so a size or two smaller than what they actually are in hopes that they will slim down in order to fit in it. Some of this has to do with the idea that the bride is going to be the focus of attention. There’s also the fact that both the bride and groom are going to be in numerous photographs that will be displayed within their home and shown throughout the generations adding to an already heightened insecurity. Social media has a hand in that with some feeling they don’t measure up when compared to others on the sites and many believing that they will be judged by members.

Weddings And Weight Loss - What’s The Deal?

need to lose weight for my wedding

Wedding weight loss motivation comes easily for the bride and groom knowing that for the day they are going to be on display in front of an audience of their friends and family. In this type of situation, you want to not only look your very best but you want to feel confident and self-assured. It’s equally intimidating to think that there will be a photographer or even a videographer taking footage to be documented for a lifetime and knowing that these images could find their way onto the social sites where you are only known by the pictures that you post. If you have any type of body image issues or insecurities at all, these are reasons to send you straight into a crash diet before you walk down the aisle. But is that really the way to begin a new life and can you sustain a diet of deprivation or restriction throughout your marriage? Most likely not.

Why Using A Wedding Is Not Great For Weight Loss

The consensus among brides and grooms is that they ‘need to lose weight for my wedding’ and in most situations they do so in unhealthy ways or wait until the last minute to try to shave the pounds off rather than following a good balanced diet. For brides and grooms getting in shape is a critical aspect of the wedding planning, however, the last-ditch diets typically fail. The idea is for brides and grooms to get their minds set with fitness plans and weight-loss goals well ahead of wedding time in order to be successful. Doing this begins a healthy regimented habit that will carry on into the marriage making for a permanent lifestyle change.

Losing weight and becoming healthy shouldn’t be something that you want to achieve for just one day. It should be something that you want to incorporate into each day. This just so happens to be a day that typically sets off a motivation in people to begin a fitness routine. The idea is to keep it going after all of the guests have gone home.

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Changing A Lifestyle For Good

Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. It’s not good to add the stress of extreme dieting. When you get engaged, you know that there is going to be a wedding coming up. Allow six months to begin your fitness regimen. Take the time to join a gym, maybe invest in a personal trainer, exercise, visit a nutritionist who can get you on a sensible diet and help you to develop good lifestyle habits. This way when you lose weight for wedding, it stays off after you’re married.

If you wait too long or you have a shorter engagement, spend more time in the gym focusing on cardiovascular and strength training. When you give yourself a little time, you need to work out more. There should be an expectation of perhaps a pound a week or two-three pounds per month. Short-term goals are more achievable as opposed to giving yourself until the wedding to lose 20 pounds overall. When you see success, there’s little room for discouragement.

  • Eat a small portion size.
  • Reduce the amount of empty calories, e.g. high sugar and high fat.
  • Fruits and vegetables can make you full with few calories and loads of nutrition. These need to be a staple in the daily diet.
  • Meat and dairy options need to be lean with lower fat
  • Food should be the source of a majority of calories as opposed to drink. There will be many opportunities to celebrate during this time. Alcohol can be a calorie horse and should be limited.

Following these habits should lead to a successful, healthy weight loss in time for the wedding and allow for habits that will hopefully carry over into the marriage. Once the wedding is over, there will be a temptation on the honeymoon to indulge as the stress of the occasion is over and euphoria hits.

good balanced diet

The idea is to remember the way that losing the weight, working out, and eating healthy made you feel and think about how you looked on your special day. What type of response did you receive from those watching you walk down the aisle? Confidence and self-esteem aren't something that you want to experience on just one occasion. These are things that everyone wants to carry with them each and every day over the course of a lifetime.