What A Positive Affirmations & How Do They Work?

what are positive affirmations

A positive affirmation is typically a short yet powerful and simple statement that is created in order to manifest a certain goal. They are meant to be incredibly powerful words that are to be spoken in the present tense. These are repeated often with confidence and a deep connection as they are used as a means to encourage a life that is full of gratitude and positivity. This is a loose definition describing what are positive affirmations. To be short and succinct, with the positive affirmation definition, it is an instant confidence boost that you provide for yourself.

What Is A Positive Affirmation?

A positive affirmation is simply being present and conscious in your day-to-day life where most of us tend to push gregariously through the chaos of our busy lives. With an affirmation, you are taking that moment back in your life, time for you to pause, reflect on what it is that you see for yourself to ensure that it is achieved. This serves as motivation.

Examples of Positive Affirmations

In determining what are positive affirmations, it has been noted that these simple statements are our way of reprogramming the brain from thinking in a negative, self-defeating way into a manner of boosting confidence and self-esteem. Repeating these affirmations, turns your thought process and maneuvers your typical pattern into positivity, gratefulness, and motivation, creating a desire to achieve. These will answer the question as to what are examples of positive affirmations?

  • I trust, believe in, and have complete confidence in me.
  • I accept, know who I am, and am true to me.
  • I enjoy good health by choosing to exercise on a regular basis, eat whole healthy foods, and sleep well.
  • I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.
  • I always learn from mistakes that I make.
  • I am human and I forgive the fact that I am not perfect.
  • I accept those things that I’m not able to change.
  • I choose to not give up.
  • I enjoy my life fully.
  • I keep control over feelings, thoughts, and my choices.
  • I treat everyone with respect and appreciate individuality.
  • I stand up for my values, beliefs, and morals.

These are merely a few examples of some positive affirmations that you can say to bring positivity into your life. There is no limit and no script for affirmations. You can create any number of different statements that pertain to your own unique situation. Anything that will bring you to a sense of self.

positive affirmation definition

Why Do People Use Them Daily?

People use positive affirmations daily as a means to create a new habit for the brain to get into. This trains the brain to replace all of the negativity with positive thoughts. The more that you recite the positive thoughts, the more the brain is going to believe these phrases that you are putting into it. After a while, any time negativity begins to creep in, the brain will automatically divert to the new way of thinking. This is a process of changing not only your manner of thinking but also your reality. This may be construed as your wishful thinking, but it can manifest its way into your actual life.

Affirmations don’t work by way of magic. They work through the concept of positive thinking. They allow people to become receptive to change and assist in bringing that change into being. Studies have been done to show that it is much easier to make positive changes when you are incorporating positive affirmations into your life.

Of all of the areas that positive affirmations make a difference to us, the major area to see changes is with confidence. Each time that you exhale, you should release any type of negativity that may be hindering your mental health. Affirmations will assist you in taking this negativity and turning it into the confidence-building positivity that you need to accomplish goals you have set for yourself but never had the self-esteem to work towards.

Three Other Ways To Help Boost Confidence

Having confidence is sometimes difficult, particularly when the threat of failure is often terrifying. Having confidence is having a belief that you are a valuable and capable person, (This can also be referred to as positive self-esteem.) one who possesses courage as well as optimism. Many things will affect your ability to be confident, including the genes that you carry, environmental social pressures, and things that you can control as well as choices that you have the opportunity to make as it is of your own free will to alter the ability for yourself to be confident.

Self-confidence is a matter of trusting your own abilities, judgment, and qualities. When you choose to believe in yourself, you’ll in turn be more willing to try new things. So, what are three tips to boost your confidence which will give you the opportunity to do more things in your life.

  • Embrace your self-doubt. There are many people who will put off doing the things they want to do such as applying to a particular job merely because they don’t have faith in their own abilities and they would rather wait until they feel more confident. At times like this, the best way to develop this confidence is to just do what makes you uncomfortable. As time goes by, it will get easier each time that you try. Face the fears that come from lack of confidence. It’s always a good idea to practice in front of those that you trust to help alleviate a sense of nerves.
  • Try Behavior Experimentation. When the brain is saying that you have no business doing something or that you're incapable, it’s critical to remind yourself that your thoughts are not always correct. Many times the best way to handle negative thoughts is by standing up and challenging the ideas. Set yourself up for an experiment to show your brain that you are actually very capable of doing whatever it is that you may be anxious about. You may find that it isn’t such a bad experience.
  • Don’t compare. Comparing yourself to anyone for any reason is unhealthy and should not be done in any way. Research shows that those who do comparisons experience envy and the more envy they develop, the worse their self-confidence. Everyone is moving at their own pace, doing their own thing, and life is in no way a competition.

Positive affirmations being repeated on a daily basis, over and over again, will assist you in gaining self-confidence. Your perception of yourself is going to have a massive impact on what others believe about you. The more self-confidence that you are able to develop, the more likely it is that you will succeed.

instant confidence boost

When you recite your positive affirmations, you will be able to take any doubts and fears that you may be experiencing concerning your abilities and turn those into capabilities and strengths allowing for your success. It isn’t only important to think good thoughts when you’re envisioning yourself, always have good thoughts where others are concerned and radiate goodness back out into the world that you live in. This is just as important as bringing positivity into your individual life. Make sure that you’re bringing that same positivity into your little piece of the planet.