Think Yourself Thin: How To Get The Mindset For Weight Loss

right mindset for weightloss

Developing the right mindset for weight loss is how you will ultimately find success in your journey. If you set out to lose those few extra pounds surrounded with negativity for yourself and your body, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Most people try to lose the weight with the worst possible opinion of themselves rolling around in their brain and with the notion that they need to ‘fix’ themselves. They dive into these fad diets and exercise regimens out of a sense of self-deprecation, calling themselves “fat”, referring to their “wiggly” parts, and being overwhelmed with how they see themselves in the mirror and how they feel on the regular. This inevitably leads to an unhealthy obsession with fast results, a concentration on a ‘fast fix’ and losing sight of what will be something you can sustain, caring for yourself, and overall health.

This warped ideology is destructive as the focus is only on weight and deprivation and being dissatisfied as opposed to what the actual benefits of the weight loss will bring to you. This is only negativity-focused; what you don’t or can’t have. That doesn’t mean that you merely think positively and it’s fixed; a thought isn’t going to fix it for you. Changing to a healthy mindset is more than that. It’s about shifting the thoughts as well as the decisions that you make for yourself and the behavior that you allow for yourself, in turn, producing different results.

Why Mind Over Matter May Be The Right Approach

Having the right mindset for weight loss is going to affect what it is you’re focused on. What you’re focused on affects the things that you in turn think about yourself. The things that you feel about yourself affect your decisions. Your decisions will then affect the way in which you are going to behave and those variant behaviors are going to bring about differing results. With the right mindset, you will start out knowing there is no problem to fix and this whole process will be a positive one with a successful outcome.

Why You May Be Too Stressed To Lose Weight

There is a protein, betatrophin, that is being deemed the culprit in our inability to lose weight due to stress. If you’re wondering, can stress stop weight loss, it indeed can particularly high amounts of stress. There is a link between your stress and fat metabolism due to the betatrophin. Our chronic stress will stimulate our body’s production of this protein which in turn inhibits a needed enzyme for fat metabolism. Basically, betatrophin decreases our ability to break down the fat. So, your stress levels are actually causing you to accumulate fat. Another reason why mindfulness is very important in creating a balance and decreasing the stress that you have in your life.

Increasing Energy And Motivation

weight loss motivation

A good way to instill motivation and energy into your weight-loss program is to add daily self-care and self-kindness to your regimen. This is showing your mind, body, and soul that you are accepting and loving of yourself and focused on taking the best care of yourself. This makes you feel good in the moment and leads your energy into weight loss motivation. Allowing ourselves pleasure oftentimes takes a back seat especially when we’re busy or stressed and, over time, this leads to those negative thoughts and a bad attitude.

Self-care is an essential component in order for you to be successful with your weight management whether it be to lose or to maintain. When you are providing yourself with the proper amount of care, you will learn how to increase focus and energy and in turn how to be motivated to lose weight. It’s about doing things that will promote overall good health, acts of kindness towards yourself, not expecting far too much from yourself all at one time, being patient with the process, and not coming down on yourself if it doesn’t go as you had hoped right away. Speaking harshly of or to ourselves leads to shame and guilt to the point where we have no inspiration or motivation to continue to work towards any of our goals. Always try to uplift yourself with self-care and self-kindness every day, be accepting, be loving, and you will be successful.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

healthy mindset

In order to have a healthy mind and a healthy body it is important that we be both mentally and physically fit and strong. A good healthy mental faculty is essential for good physical well being. A large problem in today’s society is everyone is living a very fast-paced lifestyle, many are extremely stressed, and generally rushing against the clock in order to do all that the day holds for us. There is no time for us to eat the way that we need to, sleep as we owe our bodies to, or exercise in the way that we are required to. There is always a search for the mental peace in order to deflate the stress levels, but we are not paying attention to the fact that if we neglect our body, how is our brain going to get the proper nourishment.

What is the answer? We need to take the time to do what is needed, what is owed, and what is required. That means eat on time, slowly, and in a healthy way; sleep for eight full hours in a night without any interruptions; exercise even if it's for short spurts each day; take breaks away from the chaos to decompress; pursue interests outside of work and everyday life that you have a passion for. All of this is going to lead you to a much healthier life and in turn a much healthier version of yourself. This is going to show you how to increase energy and motivation within your life and before you know it your body will slowly turn into what you want it to be. Healthy mind results in a healthy body.