The Top 10 Benefits of A Healthy Balanced Diet

Benefits of a healthy diet

Eating well and taking care of yourself has lots of benefits! There are hundreds, even thousands of reasons why you should enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, and in this article, we will discuss ten of these great reasons.

After all, who does not want to look great, feel great and have more energy? Read on to discover the benefits of a healthy diet.

Why Is Eating Healthy Good for Your Body?

Importance of healthy eating

The benefits of healthy food are numerous. After all, eating a balanced diet will get you all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fuel that your body needs to do its best every day.

Understanding the importance of healthy eating is not hard at all. After all, proteins are the method by which we rebuild our tissues. Carbs and fats give us fuel. Vitamins support the processes of the body. Vitamins A, E and C protect us against toxins.

Vitamin B gets energy from the foods we eat. Bone health is supported by calcium. Even sodium important in transmitting nerve signals. So, the next time somebody wonders why is eating nutritious foods important, you can tell them why!

The Effects Unhealthy Food Has on Your Body

A well-balanced diet is essential for good health. This is something we know, but what are the effects of eating unhealthy food on the body?

There are lots of negative things that happen when we make a steady diet of junk food. For instance, one doctor had men eat a diet of junk food. He found that their diet of processed meats, mac and cheese, pizza and more for five days had some pretty astounding results.

After just five days the ability of the men to oxidize glucose was compromised. Aside from this, blood pressure may go up, blood vessels constrict, and a surge plus sudden decrease in insulin may leave you feeling even more hungry after the meal is over. 

Nutrition and your health is something to take seriously, as this example shows. So, ready to hear the good news and learn some Healthy diet facts? Keep reading.

The Top 10 Benefits of Eating Healthy

Now, it is finally time for the main even. Let’s discuss the top 10 benefits of eating healthy!

  1. Long Term Benefits - The Long-term effects of a healthy diet are worth your investment. You are less likely to develop diseases like dementia, cancer and arthritis. You will live a long and happier life, and likely to be more active even as you get older.


  1. Losing weight - Perhaps a favored Effects of diet on health is the possibility that we can lose weight when we follow it! Eating less calories than you burn is the way to lose weight. Eating healthy foods keeps us fuller longer and prevents us from eating junk food that often leaves us unsatisfied and hungry and consuming more calories.


  1. More Energy - Many of us think that having more time to sleep is the way to feel less sluggish. This is just one key to feeling less tired. Eating well will also make you feel more alert. One of the best Effects of a balanced diet is the energy you have to get things done, take care of your family and do well at work!

 Benefits of healthy food

  1. A Healthy Heart - The next time somebody asks, “Why is eating healthy good for your body?”, tell them because your heart depends on it! Eating plenty of good fruits, veg and low fat dairy products will help you keep blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels. Eating too much salt and fat can result in high blood pressure.


  1. Good Bone Health - No “lazy bones” here. Eating good foods rich in calcium will keep your teeth and bones strong as ever. Bone loss happens when we get older, so be sure to include dark green veggies, low fat dairy, and even calcium-fortified orange juice to keep your bones good and strong.


  1. Good Brain Health - If you eat healthily, blood gets to your brain easier, and this keeps brain cells safe and keeps Alzheimer’s at bay. Stay away from fried foods and opt for foods that are steamed or grilled. Be sure to eat lots of good dark veggies and fruit like raisins, blueberries, kale, and cherries. Pecans and almonds are also good in the fight against Alzheimer’s.  Fish is known as a “brain food” because the fatty acids in it keep your brain and nervous system in tip top shape. Omega-3’s can lower your bad cholesterol levels, too!


  1. Keep Cancer Away - Cancer is one of the worst ailments we have in our society today, and its wrath knows no boundaries. There are things we can do in our diets to keep this atrocity away from us and eating well is one of them. Foods like broccoli, salmon, olive oil, plums and even coffee (Yes, coffee!) can help us in the prevention of cancer. So, go ahead and have the second cup.


  1. Boost Immune System - No sick days here! Your immune system gets healthier when you eat a well-balanced diet. Your immune system will be better equipped to fight off sickness and keep you right on your game. And if you do happen to get sick, your body will have a faster recovery.


  1. Looking Younger - Free radicals damage the healthy cells in our body. They speed up aging, too. If we eat healthy foods that are loaded with antioxidants, we end up fighting those free radicals and maybe looking younger (and feeling it too!) The goal here is to eat lots of colorful veggies and fruits. The best thing to do is aim for a total of five to nine servings each and every day.


  1. It Is Cheaper - Many of us think that eating healthy costs a bundle. It can if you do not know how to shop. There are healthy meals you can make in batches and take in your lunch for work, which cost a lot less than buying out every day. You can also make a healthy casserole or Crock Pot meal for cheap using healthful ingredients like beans, rice, lean ground beef and more. It is much cheaper than going out to eat and you will have leftovers for dinner the next night!

Effects of a balanced diet


So, what will be your reasons for enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet? Do it so you don’t have to worry about it when you get older.

After all, forming healthy habits today will make for a much easier tomorrow, a long and happy life, and less problems for you to deal with in the future. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you eat the right foods.