The Best Ways to Control and Measure Portion Sizes

Portion Control

Are you looking to lose weight? Get healthy? Maybe you are looking to start the school year with a healthy habit. Forget about those weight-loss gimmicks, did you know that something as necessary as portion control can make a huge difference? When it comes to portion control, it is a mix of science with self-control and dedication. To better understand how to control and measure for portion control, we share tips that anyone and everyone can do. Whether you are using a customized portion control plate or manually managing your food portion sizes, we will share tips and tricks that will make portion control easy and natural. 


Be Realistic 


When it comes to portion sizes, one has to be realistic with their goals. They can’t go from eating a full plate of protein and carbs to a bowl of salad. This is not only unrealistic, but it will make sticking to a portion plate difficult. 


So, what does it mean to be realistic when it comes to controlling and measuring portion sizes? 

 Portion Control Plate

Know your caloric intake  – Men and  women have different caloric needs. When it comes to embarking controlled portion sizes, one should know the recommended caloric intake. Why? Knowing this basic number can help determine the types of foods one should be eating but also, when is the best time to get their calories. Not to mention, when you know what foods calorie value is, you can figure out which portions of food you can overdo versus those you should minimize. 


It’s okay to indulge (sometimes!)   Sticking to a controlled portion size plan  is sometimes hard. For those who enjoy a good slice (or two) of pizza with their bowl of pasta minus the veggies, it can be hard to just go cold turkey. It is for this reason that one remembers it’s okay to indulge. If one were to refer to the British Nutrition Organization, they outline the recommended portion sizes in the UK. This vibrant food guide shares the recommended serving sizes of everything from grains to proteins and fruit. In a way, it’s about eating in moderation. 


Don’t expect it to be easy    There is a reason that diets are sometimes referred to as “yo-yo diets” it is because they are hard to stick to. When one begins to control and measure for portion control, they have to accept it won’t always be easy, especially in the beginning. It will take hard work and dedication. 


Being realistic about portion control is knowing that sometimes, one has to be aware and conscious of their eating habits and choices. To see results, one has to not only be dedicated butrealiseit is a balance of one’sdiet and other factors such as physical activity and lifestyle. 


Food Aids  


When a child begins to eat, they will often use plates that divide their food up to ensure the peas don’t touch the carrots and the sauce doesn’tsogthe bread. However, did youknow this notion of separation is one way of helping one get into portioning their food? Some companies have created portion control plates for those looking to measure but also control their food portions. The plates vary in style and design – some will have labels showing how much of a particular food group should be eating, while other plates will be labelled with the intent of helping the eater lose weight — different portions with different goals. 


When it comes to food aids, you can find these food portion plates at most large general stores but also online on sites like Amazon. Are you looking to figure out your pasta serving size? Visit any pasta shop, and they’ll be able to provide a measuring tool to determine how much pasta a person should have.  Not in the market to purchase an instrument, or maybe you don’t have room in your already busting kitchen drawers? Fun fact, a typical serving size of spaghetti is about the size of a quarter. 

 Portion Control Plate

Benefitting from Food Portions 


One of the ways one can benefit from controlled and measured portion sizes is… 


Manage their calorie intake  – Sometimes saying no to the second portion of our  favourite  dish is hard. With taking the time to measure and consider the portion size, you can ensure you aren’t taking in more calories than usual. For example, many diets say to cut back if not altogether remove carbohydrates from one’s diet. Not in the mood to cut out your  favourite  bread? If you practice portion control, you can manage your pasta serving size and not feel guilty about eating carbs. 

 Portion Sizes

Follow food guide requirements  – Using a portion control plates can help ensure that one is getting all the necessary food groups and the appropriate amount. It can sometimes be easy to overlook how much of portion of one food group we are having until we divide into portions the food groups. Do you know the  appropriate pasta portion size to be consuming? Worry not; now you can use portion control plates or kitchen tools that show how much pasta serving is ideal for one person. 


Be aware of their eating habits  – When dieticians make recommendations on drinking more water or eating more vegetables, we often will argue we do meet the requirements. When we take the time to divide into portions of the  food  we consume daily, we become aware of the food we are eating and can make changes to fix any missing portions  of food. 


Portioning with Gains 


There are many benefits of portion control, especially when it comes to incorporating it into one’s lifestyle. From using a portion size plate to looking at the recommended portion sizes, these small changes can make a difference. Having a glass of water before having a meal can help curb excessive hunger, keeping in mind the food portion sizes with the help of a food portion plate can help save money. Who doesn’t enjoy saving a few dollars here and there, but also reap the health benefits. 


Doctors and dieticians will recommend and encourage portion control for its endless benefits, but not to mention, it’s simplicity in approach and practice. Whether you plan on using a portion control plate, or a helpful size guide, taking the time to measure portion sizes can go a long way. With portion control, you are getting all the gains – and not the type that will result in your dress-size going up. 


Remember, controlling and maintaining your portion sizes is doable, but more importantly, even when you decide to have a cheat meal, you can still have an enjoyable meal. It won’t always be easy, it won’t always be fun, but the gains will be well worth it in the long run. No pain, no gain, and in the world of eating, no control and measuring means overeating.