Take Part In Stress Awareness Week For 2019

Stress Awareness Week

Why Stress Is Bad For Your Health.  

Stress is quickly becoming a modern-world pandemic, with high levels of generalised stress becoming ever more common and shifting towards the norm.  

Stress awareness week is there to bring clarity to the subject of stress and the effect that it has on both the mind and the body.  

Despite how widespread stress is in modern culture, it is no secret that stress can be detrimental to overall health, causing sleeping problems, provoking anxiety, increasing depression, even tarnishing the immune system.  

Low levels of stress or 'healthy' stress can be helpful and improve productivity, but any more than that is only rooted in negativity and it is often difficult to distinguish between the two.

Health awareness week is here to help those un-blur that line, and learn how to overcome their stresses and worries.      

How To Practice Stress Management.  

stress management

A big aspect of stress awareness week’s mission is to educate sufferers on stress management.

Stress management can involve literally anything that helps to reduce stress or to funnel feelings of negativity into positive energy.  

Mindfulness practices are excellent examples of a stress management technique.    

What Is Mindfulness And How Does It Help?  

What does mindfulness mean? Well, mindfulness cannot be defined by one definition or technique; it is instead a collection of techniques that lead to mental 'stillness' and transparency.  

The intent of mindfulness is to become aware of the present moment only; letting thoughts of both past and present simply pass, without contemplation.  

Over time, practicing mindfulness can lead to a quieter mind and less stress. Anxiety can be reduced by less attention being paid to fear of the future, and depression subdued by dwelling less on the past    

Other Relaxation Techniques To For Stress.  

All relaxation techniques can help with stress, be it the usual reading, hot baths and meditation; or more unorthodox methods such as completing puzzles, yoga and playing instruments.  

Learning how to relax is a very individual thing, what one person might find relaxing, another may not – so trial and error is usually the best option to finding out what works best for you!  

what does mindfulness mean

A note to leave with.  

Stress can creep up on us when we least expect it, and it can be not only draining, but also have a profound negative effect on our health. The best remedy for stress is prevention, which comes in the form of stress management.  

Learning about stress, talking about stress and putting a spotlight on the topic, is the first step towards bringing some relaxation to an overstressed world.