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what causes jet lag

What Causes Jetlag & How Can You Manage It

by Team Modius on

Jet lag, which is also referred to as 'jet lag disorder', 'flight fatigue' or desynchronosis, is a purely temporary sleep disorder that affects people who travel across different...

what is bruxism

Stress & Your Oral Health- How It Can Affect Your Mouth

by Team Modius on

What Is Bruxism?   Bruxism is a relatively common condition, it which sufferers repeatedly grind their teeth or clench their jaw. This can happen when awake or asleep,...

Causes of sleep terrors

Night Terrors & Vivid Dreams - What Do They Mean?

by Team Modius on

Almost everybody has experienced a vivid nightmare, but a night terror is something quite different. Night terrors most often affect children and they are a consequence of waking...

AMSR and sleep

ASMR And Sleep - What Is It And How Does It Affect Sleep?

by Team Modius on

What Is ASMR?   ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relatively new discovery in the world of relaxation. ASMR describes a feeling of encapsulating tingling and calmness...

how to treat shift work sleep disorder

Three Tips To Handling Shift Work Sleep Disorder

by Team Modius on

What is SWSD Shift work sleep disorder or SWSD is a sleeping disorder that affects individuals that work irregular shifts outside the normal working hours of 9 a.m....

What is the Best Sleep Position

3 Of The Best Sleeping Positions For Great Sleep

by Team Modius on

How did you sleep last night? If the answer is not a decisive “great!” you’re not alone. Over 160 million Americans have trouble sleeping consistently. And it turns...