How To Switch Off Your Mind After The Working Day

how to switch off mentally

In this crazy modern world that pushes us all toward work, work and more work, everybody is super focused on being more productive and 'busy', instead of paying attention to their health (physical and mental.)

The workaholic lifestyle can be great for the wallet, but it can also lead to heaps of stress; that is why it is so important to learn how to switch off mentally.

Why You Should Make Time To Recharge After Work.  

The saying goes "work hard play hard" but it's also a good idea to slow the pace, recharge the batteries and get some vital downtime – you've earned it!  

Having a recharge after work is going to calm your mind, reduce stress and also benefit your productiveness.

Remember that a clear mind, is an efficient mind, so if we keep cramming it with thoughts and information; stresses and worries, we're going to be thinking a lot, while not really doing a lot.  

How To Switch Off Your Mind.  

Switching off your mind is far easier than it often seems, it does take some practice, but by learning how to switch off mentally you will be taking a giant leap towards leading a healthy lifestyle.  

The mind is somewhat like a lake... (Stay with me here).

When it rains, the lake gets all blurry and you can no longer see your reflection because of the distortion; and the mind is no different, except instead of raindrops, the mind is blurred by thoughts.  

When we're constantly thinking thoughts, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we never have any clarity. Without mental clarity we lose focus, our attention span shortens and we open our arms lovingly to depression, anxiety, and stress.  

Switching off mentally has so many benefits, and to save you from adding another tick box to your think list, I have put together a list of 5 practices you can use to help you switch off your mind.     

Get Outside For Fresh Air.  

healthy lifestyle

One of the biggest mental refreshers out there literally surrounds us, it’s there all the time and the best part is, it's completely free!  

When was the last time you went outside, took a deep breath and just soaked it all in? Walking to the car, waiting for a bus or studying in the park does not count; I'm talking about no distractions, just yourself, nature and your breath.  

Getting outside and reconnecting yourself with nature is an amazing way of grounding yourself and re-centering your mind.  

Delete all thoughts of the busy day you've just had, or how you're going to fit everything in tomorrow and how annoying jenny from accounting is...

Just take a moment to be in the here and now; you'll be amazed how good it feels to free yourself from the confines of walls and artificial light!  

Disconnect From Emails.  

Fast, efficient, accessible on your smartphone, emails certainly have their merits, but those qualities are also their biggest downfall.

A quick reply to an email, or check of that notification, can quickly spiral into an hour or scrolling, replying and unnecessary thought.  

Turn off the notifications and leave those emails for when you're at work! If you have to do your emails out of hours or have personal affairs to deal with, set 30 minutes aside every evening and stick to that time slot.

Start A Hobby.  

Hobbies have a reputation of being limited to building model airplanes or knitting, but a hobby can be anything that you do purely out of enjoyment, without any agenda of financial gain.  

how to switch off your mind

Having a hobby and setting time aside to enjoy it, can be a great way to leave work troubles on the back burner and have some much deserved 'me' time.  

Practice Mindfulness Daily.  

I practice mindfulness nearly every day! I know that mindfulness for busy people can be seen as a waste of time, but there are countless scientifically-backed positives, and once you give it a try you will never look back!  

Mindfulness can be done anywhere, any time: meditation, yoga and deep breathing are the most popular practices, but you don’t have to do anything special to practice, you just have to refocus your attention.  

Mindfulness is practiced by focusing all of your attention on your breath and completely clearing the mind, allowing any thoughts to pass by without recognition.  

By doing this you become completely present in the current moment, no anxieties of the future and no dwellings of the past.  

Eat Well.  

mindfulness for busy people

There is an endless list of positives to eating well, and literally zero negatives, so it’s a no brainer that we should all be putting in the extra effort.

Eating a wholesome, well balanced, and nutritious plate of goodness at the end of a long day can re-energize you, settle your mind, and give you a moment of peace to spend with yourself or family.