How to Stick to a Diet: Tips to Fight off Temptation

How to stick to a diet

Folks are learning more and more these days that the best place to build a beach body isn’t in the gym but instead in the kitchen.


It turns out that we really are what we eat, and learning how to stick to a diet set up to help us melt fat like a furnace, to shed excess weight faster, and to pack on pound after pound of lean muscle mass – sometimes all at the same time – is the only real “shortcut” to success.


Now, that’s not to suggest that sticking to a diet is simple or straightforward.


In fact, plenty of folks report that there’s a real daily struggle when it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits. They know they should be eating better, they know that a diet is going to help them, but they just can’t quite get over the mental hurdles to do what needs to be done consistently.


Armed with the tips for sticking to a diet that we highlight below, however, you’ll have a better shot than ever before to stay on track, to stay motivated, and to overcome the obstacles in your way to eating healthy and living that happy, fit, successful lifestyle you deserve.


Let’s dig right in!


Tips for Stick to a Diet


All of the tips and tricks we highlight below are designed to do one thing and one thing only – help you figure out how to stick to a diet like glue, get the results you are looking for, and come out on the other side of this “diet” with healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.


Sure, these healthy eating tips and tricks can help you drop weight in a hurry (or add pounds of lean muscle mass pretty quickly). But they are really designed to put in place the key habits you need to not just diet every now and again but overhaul your entire approach to nutrition.


Let’s get right to it!


Get Your Goals Down in Concrete

 How to overcome weakness during dieting

The most important thing you can do when you’re trying to figure out how to stay on track with weight loss (or any other diet) is to get your goals down in concrete – written in plain English and displayed prominently so that you can see them every single day, multiple times a day.


Far too many people come up with really flimsy goals like “I’d like to be thin”.


There’s nothing wrong with that as a starting point, not by any stretch of the imagination, but that kind of goal is nowhere near as specific or as concrete as “I’d like to lose 30 pounds over the next six months, and I want to do it by eating a low carb diet five days a week”.


You can see the difference between those kinds of goals immediately add it isn’t hard to tell which one is going to provide more motivation to eat well compared to the other.


Clear Out Your Pantry


Another quick tip you’ll want to keep in your back pocket is the value of cleaning out your pantry and eliminating any of those unhealthy snacks or foods you just can’t help yourself from grabbing handfuls of when your diet starts to go a little sideways.


In the early stages of a new diet motivation is going to be at all-time high but willpower and consistency is going to be at an all-time low.


By eliminating (or at least making it a lot harder) the opportunity to give into your cravings by getting rid of those craving foods to begin with you streamline your success in the early stages straightaway.


Keep Eating the Foods You Love

 Motivation to eat well

The worst thing you can do when trying a new diet out is to give up all of your favorite foods entirely, changing the fundamental way that you eat completely – from top to bottom – just because that’s what a new nutritional approach says you should do.


This kind of cold turkey approach is inevitably going to cause you to be resentful of your new diet plan, and nothing is going to fast-track you to failure more than feeling anger or resentment against a new diet that’s supposed to be making you happier and healthier.


Slowly swap out your old favorite foods for healthier alternatives, making a gradual shift to this new healthy way of eating. Never give up all of your favorite foods, either. All you have to do is scale back how frequently you eat them and you won’t feel like your new diet is punishing you.


Chart and Track Your Progress Daily


One of the best ways to learn how to stay motivated in a diet is to begin charting and tracking your progress on a daily basis.


Now, you probably aren’t going to see seismic shifts in your results when you’re tracking it on a daily basis – but you are going to see consistent and clear progress.


This kind of approach also lets you adjust on the fly to see what’s working with your new diet and what isn’t. It also provides endless and consistent motivation, helping you “check-in” with yourself routinely so that you stay on track.


The only things in life that ever get improved are the things that are regularly measured, tracked, and optimized.


Cave on Cravings (Every Now and Again)


There aren’t a lot of diets out there that are going to tell you to give into your cravings to shortcut your road to success, but that’s exactly what we are telling you right now.


One of the best approaches to figuring out how to overcome weakness during dieting – especially when you are really craving something – is to simply give into that craving (in moderation, obviously).


Again, trying to fight upstream and eliminate all of your favorite foods completely and forever is never going to be a recipe for success. Instead, scale back how often you given to these cravings (maybe even scheduling a “craving day”) and you’ll be able to get fantastic results without feeling as though you have to abandon your diet altogether.


Closing Thoughts


At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that any shift to the way you eat on a consistent basis is going to take a little bit of time to take hold.


This is a major lifestyle change your going to be making, a major overhaul that impacts pretty much every single aspect of your life from top to bottom.


This isn’t like buying a new shirt or new shoes.


Take advantage of the tips and tricks we highlighted above to help you make this transition smoother and you’ll find the road to real and consistent weight loss a lot less bumpy – and a lot more fun!