How to Make a Healthy Cooked Breakfast

healthy cooked breakfast

A full traditional English breakfast has a little over eight hundred calories. More slices of bacon or bread can increase the calorie intake to over a thousand. Increasing the number of sausages and eggs will increase the calorie intake to twelve hundred. Ideally, you should consume a healthy cooked breakfast that limits the calorie intake to five hundred. It is easy to pile up calories in a fry up. You should try a healthy fry up option. Two major changes are required if you want a healthy full English breakfast. The first is the ingredients. The second is the way you cook the ingredients. If you want a low calorie cooked breakfast, then this guide is precisely what you need.


Ingredients for a Healthy Cooked Breakfast


A healthy English breakfast is incomplete without sausages. Those who are generous with breakfast fry up ideas often end up using two to three kinds of sausages on the plate. You should restrict the number of sausages. You must consider grilling or roasting them instead of frying. You should also buy sausages from a farmer’s market or at a local store. Avoid the heavily processed sausages. Sourcing sausages locally enables you to buy fresh and you will also be more certain of what’s inside. Most sausages found in stores contain reconstituted bits of chicken and pork. There are other ingredients that offer calories but not enough nutrients.


Bacon and eggs are integral to an English breakfast. It should be noted that the kind of bacon used is back bacon. Regular bacon is sourced from pork belly. Back bacon has a bit of loin. It is more nutritious but not as crispy. You should also be aware of the healthiest way to cook bacon. The same applies to eggs. Tomatoes and mushrooms are not much of a concern as they are nutritious and do not have much useless calories. Beans should be cooked at home. Do not buy tinned beans with premixes that can be simply heated up. Toast is another concern, not only because it is made of flour but also due to the method of cooking. Bread is fried with oil or butter for a traditional English breakfast. It is not the healthiest way to cook bread.


A Healthy Version of the Traditional English Breakfast


Many people wonder is cooking bacon in the oven healthier. One slice of bacon has around forty five calories. It has three grams of protein and three grams of fat. You can roast bacon strips. Cook them at four hundred degrees for up to twenty minutes. The bacon shall be tender but crispy and also chewy. Frying bacon is not healthy. You can also microwave bacon. Take three or four slices, place them on a paper towel lined plate and cook for up to four minutes. Let the bacon rest for a minute. You can also broil bacon if you want.


Eggs in an English breakfast are usually sunny side up. These are healthy to begin with. If you want another healthy way to fry eggs then you can use very little oil and make an omelet. You can choose to go for boiled eggs instead of fried. You can also choose poached eggs. Poaching is healthier. You can also bake eggs if you want. The tomatoes can be roasted or grilled. You can also have raw tomatoes if you like. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

 healthy fry up

Mushrooms can be grilled. Frying mushrooms is not only unhealthy because of the oil intake but also due to the loss of nutritional value. Frying or boiling mushrooms leads to a decline in the antioxidant activity. Microwaving or grilling retains the proteins and antioxidant activity. Mushrooms should be grilled at medium high heat. Toss them once or twice to prevent charring. You can use a bit of olive oil, garlic, black pepper and sea salt. Portobello mushrooms are the most suited for grilling.


Bread made of flour is high on calories and low on nutrients. You can explore alternatives such as Ezekiel bread. It is made from legumes and sprouted grains. Most recipes include millet, wheat, spelt, barley, lentils and soybeans. There is no sugar added to the ingredients but it does contain gluten. If you want to avoid gluten, then corn tortillas is a good option. You can opt for rye bread, sweet potato flatbread, cauliflower bread or sourdough bread. You can toast these breads instead of frying them.




There is no need to skip a cooked breakfast when on a diet. Cooked breakfasts are actually better than cereals and other heavily processed foods. The aforementioned alternatives shall reduce your breakfast calorie intake to less than five hundred. The alternatives are more nutritious and readily digestible. The bioavailability of the nutrients is enhanced by the methods of cooking suggested in this guide.