Healthy Sandwiches When You Live A Busy Lifestyle

Healthy sandwiches when you live a busy lifestyle

A simple lunch staple can be transformed into a caloric disaster with fatty toppings and the wrong bread. Not many choices can beat a healthy sandwich when it comes to lunch, though for its sheer simplicity. It’s quick, easy, and not difficult to eat when you’re on the job, whether it be a busy construction site or a freelancer on the go. Unfortunately, not knowing the proper healthy ingredients to add to your sandwich can easily cause you to pack hundreds of calories into one basic sandwich by adding mayonnaise or cheese or any other types of high-fat choices which would take what may have been an otherwise healthy sandwich and make it a health bomb.

Which Fillings Are Healthy And Which Are Better To Avoid

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There is no need to skip sandwiches as your favorite go-to for lunch if you simply follow a few guidelines to keep things healthy and nutritionally sound. Try to reconsider what you put inside the bread with these healthy sandwich ingredients.


  • Fruits/veggies: - Typically, when it comes to healthy sandwich ingredients, vegetables are viewed as secondary when they could serve as the main dish. Any type of vegetable whether it be zucchini slices, tomato, or cucumber all serve as fantastic sandwich stars, while fruit such as pears, honeydew or even apples which are sliced thin can add a nice contrasting crunch.
  • Keep it light: - Avoid the high-fat spreads like full-on mayonnaise. There are much lighter healthy lunch recipes that will keep your sandwiches moist without the fat content, e.g. using an avocado, lower fat salad dressings, hummus, or even mustard.
  • Bread: - Steer clear of the white bread and go for the whole wheat version. This is the best way to get a sandwich that is filling and nutritionally sound. Try different varieties of breads that are higher in fiber. These will allow you to feel full for a longer period of time.
  • Protein: - Choose your leaner, healthy protein as your source of meat for your healthy sandwich rather than drag your sandwich down with excess calories and fat, e.g. turkey, chicken, or fish.


  • Cold Cuts: - Most of your lunch meats are bogged down with sodium, fat, and preservatives. They may be the easiest filling for you to put inside your sandwich but you should opt for fresh slices of meat instead.
  • Cheese: - It’s easy to take an unhealthy turn by adding cheese to your sandwich. Try to avoid cheese altogether or go for a low-fat version. An alternative spread such as hummus or using vegetable and fruits instead would be the best choice.
  • Grilled: - Grilled sandwiches are generally made using lots of butter or oils in order to get that textured crust. It is best to opt for a sandwich with your bread toasted if you want to have a hot, healthy version.
  • Prepackaged: - Avoid pre-packaged sandwiches completely. These will offer unhealthy ingredients, usually be on white bread, have added sodium and preservatives, and offer the cheapest meats and toppings. Instead take a few minutes in the morning to figure out what to put in a healthy packed lunch and then find a few quick healthy sandwich ideas so you can prepare yourself some easy healthy sandwiches for lunch.

Are Wraps Or Flatbreads Healthier Than Sandwiches

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A wrap is a flatbread which is many times used in the place of what is traditional bread. Tortilla or the pita are the most popular of the wraps. The particular nutrition facts will be based on which wrap and what type of bread that you will be using but, as a whole, using two slices of bread will be considered healthier than having a sandwich made using one wrap.

In trying to control your weight, calories will be important. Bread will generally hold approximately 150 calories, while a wrap can be nearly 180. There is also considerably more sodium in the wrap as opposed to bread at nearly 200 mg in one wrap compared to approximately 130 for baked bread which is significant if you’re on a low-sodium diet or want to restrict your sodium to benefit your health.

The fat and carbohydrates in a wrap are much more significant than that of bread coming in at almost 4 grams of fat and 30 grams of carbs with bread having 2 grams of fat and nearly 25 grams of carbs for two slices.

These guidelines will, of course, vary depending on which type of wrap and what type of bread that you purchase, but the general nutritional value overall for a wrap is going to be lower. A typical wrap will contain less protein as well as fiber than that of a serving of bread that is comparable. If you want to have the best and highest of the nutritional value, bread is going to be the very best option.

Is Wholemeal Bread Better Than White Bread?

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After whole grains have been milled down to a fine texture, you have a plain brown appearance and this is how wholemeal bread is made. There is more fiber found in the flour for wholemeal bread than there is in white flour. There are also many more vitamins and minerals in wholemeal than in white breads, but the GI is higher than that of whole grain breads. Is wholemeal bread healthy? It is generally healthier than white bread, but wholemeal and white bread has a higher GI than whole grain meaning that they release glucose into the blood quicker. Having wholegrain bread with your healthy lunch meat sandwiches will help to regulate the glucose levels in your blood and allow you to feel full for longer periods keeping the weight in control.

How To Make A Healthy Sandwich

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Easy healthy lunch sandwiches can be are a favorite for many reasons including the fact that it’s easy to pack, it’s inexpensive, and it’s the perfect source for complex carbs, fiber-filled veggies, good fats, and lean protein. It is the meal that will help you to succeed through the rest of your afternoon and can absolutely take you to those goals that you have set towards weight loss.

  • Bread top: - Only use the bottom slice of bread and fill the top full of good protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy spreads. This will save you a few carbs and calories but give you good nutrients and promote healthy weight loss.
  • Wrap it:- If you want to save the carbs and calories altogether, take the bread off and opt for a romaine lettuce wrap. Just make sure you’re filling it with the healthy stuff and not the fillings that you should be avoiding.
  • Egg:- A lot of folks like to add a hard-boiled egg or fried egg to the top of their sandwich. This is the perfect way to get extra protein as well as healthy fat, which will keep you full for an extended period of time.

There are also healthy alternatives to sandwiches that are easy, low-cost, and fun including scooping out a green pepper and loading it with the fillings for a sandwich or slicing vegetables and fruits mixed with nuts and low-fat cheese.

Healthy sandwiches will always be our favorite go-to. We just need to be sure we prepare them in a way that is healthiest for our body, mind, and soul.