Have A Healthier Halloween For 2019

halloween health tips

Typically, Halloween and diet aren’t used in the same sentence, but you can change all of that by following Halloween health tips as opposed to indulging yourself in all of the sweet and sugary snacks surrounding you. For a dieter, Halloween can be among the scariest of nights making it almost impossible to stick to your new eating plan with the temptations that seem to be everywhere. Even those who aren’t trying to lose weight can do some massive damage to their health during the trick or treat celebrations. Calories on Halloween night can bolster upwards of the thousands.

Swapping Treats For Fruity Treats

When you are looking for some Halloween health tips in order that you don’t over indulge yourself on sugary treats this Halloween night, start with what kinds of treats you might be passing out. Ideally, what is passed out to the children, goes to the children, and our willpower and guilt of taking from them saves us from taking anything out of the bowl. That never works. If you find that you are going to be staying home and passing out treats, make sure that the treats are healthy such as fruit or cheeses dressed up as Halloween ghouls, use bubbles or stickers with spooky themes, or any number of options that the children will enjoy that won’t entice you to go off your plan.

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Avoid Leftover Trick Or Treats

If you’re on a healthy eating plan and you’re trying to ignore the sugar cravings that Halloween instills, you have to realize that you should never deprive yourself from anything. If you shop wise and buy the most wholesome version of treats with the lowest sugar counts, the healthiest nutritional values, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the evening. This is how to stop sugar cravings because you actually are allowing yourself a treat. There can also be rules when treat bags are brought home on Halloween. The kids can indulge freely for that night after which the bags go in the freezer and there is a limit of perhaps two pieces per day allowed. This way for you it will be out of sight, out of mind and they aren’t having too much of a bad thing.

Lower Sugar Treats Don’t Need To Be Scary

Eating a diet that is lower in sugar or perhaps completely void of it shouldn’t bring fright to you but rather should pique your curiosity as to the sugar-free diet benefits that will come to your body’s system. Sugar as a whole takes more away from our body than it brings to it. In order for us to metabolize it, our system has to use nutrients inclusive of Vitamin B, potassium, and chromium which ultimately depletes our storage of these elements as long as we continue to indulge. With these stores empty, the body is no longer able to handle inflammation. Sugar does nothing to contribute back to the nutrients that it robs the body of and because your body has been depleted, it feels hungry. Assuming it wants more results in binging with potential sugar addiction ensuing. By taking control and eating a balanced diet of foods that curb sugar cravings including eating the proper amount at the proper times, your system is able to replenish itself.

When you consume foods that are whole and naturally sugar-free, you treat your body to loads of antioxidants, vitamins, water, fiber, proteins that will fuel the brain as well as the body and allows you to skip through the day rather than drag through anticipating one sugar fix after another. Eating a diet lower or free of sugar will lead to lower weight or the ability to maintain a healthy weight, improve circulation throughout the body, and will work against any types of inflammation as well as feed the brain leading to awesome mental clarity.

Kick Sugar Cravings

how to stop sugar cravings

Sugar cravings are a brain thing not a body thing. It is your brain telling you that you deserve a reward, not your body telling you that you need food. Your brain wants a quick release of dopamine. There is generally not hunger attached to this feeling. If there is hunger in addition to the craving, it’s a tough thing to fight. This is where willpower comes in and the urge needs to be met with a healthy meal that will fill your body and satisfy your system. It’s helpful to always have healthy snacks with you or be prepared with a quick wholesome meal that will satisfy. There are also alternatives to sweets as far as candy such as sugar-free options. Grab a sugar-free liquorice or sugar-free lollies to trick the brain into thinking it got what it wanted.

A really good way to get the sugar out of your mind is to take a good, invigorating, brisk walk. This will release endorphins, raise the energy, and have your brain feeling all kinds of good making it forget all about the need for that sugary treat. A good way to do this is to take the kids out for trick or treating instead of staying home to pass out the goods. You’ll log steps, they’ll get treats; everybody has an awesome Halloween.