Going Meat-Free With Our Veganuary Meal Plan

veganuary meal plan

The concept behind the nonprofit Veganuary is simple. They encourage people from all backgrounds and walks of life to consider the vegan diet. For the entire month of January, Veganuary suggests sticking to a balanced vegan diet for the entire month of January. This means creating a Veganuary meal plan that will meet your needs, as well as the needs of anyone else in your household,  is participating.


This can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some basic vegan meal planning tips to get you in the right direction.


Veganuary Meal Plan

A meal plan is a great way to make any sort of dietary transition. Whether you want to dive right into a fully vegan diet, or if you want to make the transition gradually, there are meal plans to accommodate you. Don’t settle for something you know you won’t enjoy, but also try to keep as open a mind as possible.


Remember that there are meal plans for vegans who want fast/easy recipes, family recipes, gluten-free vegan recipes, soya-free recipes, and much more. You can easily find something that will make the experience of going/trying vegan a blast.


Following A Balanced Vegan Diet

balanced vegan diet

Following a balanced vegan diet can be challenging for newcomers. This is where meal-planning proves helpful. Not only can it give you a good variety, but it also eases the stress of trying to figure out what to eat from one meal to the next.


We’ve assembled some simple to create your healthy vegan diet plan menu:


  • Start simple: Before January ever even arrives, start making some small changes. This is particularly important if you don’t have any meal-planning experience. Begin by planning out one or two meals in a week, along with some snacks to get you through the day.
  • Organize the kitchen! Meal-prepping is a lot easier when you know where everything is!
  • Storage: If you don’t have high-quality storage containers to keep your meals and snacks, you may run into some problems.
  • Learn about spices: Start doing your homework on popular spices for vegan recipes. The more you know about buying and using spices, the more fun you’ll have creating vegan diet meals.
  • Always shop with a list: This is a general grocery shopping tip that everyone should keep in mind. If you’re going to the grocery store to stock up on Veganuary meal plan supplies, a shopping list can help you stay on track? Worried you still won’t be able to? Shop online!
  • Find recipes appropriate to your experience/interest: Don’t want to cook! No problem! There are tons of no-cook vegan recipes available. If you do decide to cook, make sure you’re setting realistic goals for what you can do. If you don’t want to do anything more elaborate than vegan breakfast sausages, then make sure your meal-prepping reflects that.


Other Veganuary Recipes To Try

Veganuary recipes

Vegan breakfast sausages are just one example of Veganuary recipes. Here are a few more that you can research further at your leisure:



The above vegan recipes are just a few examples of what’s out there for you. As you will soon find, there are vegan alternatives to just about everything these days. There are also wholly unique recipes that are certain to appeal to you.


Along the way, learn more about the benefits of vegan nutrition. Remind yourself of why you decided to try Veganuary in the first place. It can also be immensely helpful to seek out other people who are going vegan for the entire month of January.