Festival of Winter Walks 2019

Festival of Winter Walks 2019

The Ramblers in the United Kingdom are once again committed to making the cracker a success, providing safer walking paths throughout Britain while at the same time encouraging more and more people to get out and walk over the holiday season – helping them to fight back a little bit against holiday sweets, treats, and heavy meals that can leave the people of the UK a little heavier when the new year starts than they were when it ended.


This is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season for folks that love to keep an active lifestyle going, with all welcome to participate in these kinds of walks. Some of the walks are designed to accommodate families with young children better than others, but most will find that every festival walk is open and inviting to anyone and everyone interested in participating.


The Ramblers have put together an online library of more than 2750 winter walking routes throughout the United Kingdom, all of them carefully selected to provide quality walking time on paths and areas that are safe but also very interesting in their own rights.


Some of these paths will have you cruising through the coastal regions of Britain, others will have you walking down country lanes, and others still will give you a unique opportunity to explore some of our beautiful cities in ways that you might not have had an opportunity to previously.


Let’s take a little deeper into everything that these amazing walking routes have to offer.


Where Does The Festival Of Winter Walks Take Place?

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As we highlighted a moment ago, there are more than 2750 individual walking routes already archived on the Ramblers website – the organization responsible for putting on the cracker – that you can have a look at right now (this very minute) to find paths in your local area or community to enjoy.


At the same time, new pathways are being added to this library on a regular and consistent basis. Members of the Ramblers are invited to add paths to the library whenever they have an opportunity to do so, with other members (and anyone else from the community, for that matter) encouraged to try these walking paths out themselves while leaving reviews and ratings for the paths on the community website.


What started off as a relatively small group of walkers committed to improving the health and wellness of people throughout the United Kingdom has grown into thousands and thousands of people actively participating in the Ramblers and helping to support this festival as well.


Walking paths that are “approved” by the Ramblers and a part of the winter walking festival can be found all over England, in Wales, and in Scotland. You definitely aren’t going to want for choice when it comes to finding paths that you can get excited about walking during this winter season.


The whole idea of the Festival of Walks is to help people get out during the winter weather when they might have otherwise crawled up inside and lead a more sedentary lifestyle. The paths in England, Wales, and Scotland are all designed to provide a little bit of extra structured exercise but also to help people get a chance to see and experience parts of the United Kingdom that they may not have been motivated to explore before.


Combine that with the fact that so many of these festival routes also have specific themes (fancy dress, cakewalks, tipsy toddlers, etc.) and it’s easy to see how the Ramblers have convinced hundreds of thousands of people to take advantage of these walking routes in recent years even when the winter weather outside is less than ideal.


How Long Is The Festival of Winter Walks On?


The walking festivals 2019 schedule is anticipated to go from 20 December through 5 January, though like years in the past the odds are good that you’ll find people on these walking routes both before the festival officially starts as well as long after – for as long as winter weather remains.


Obviously, these walking routes exist all year round (24/7, 365 days a year), but the festival itself – with the themed excursions and the like – is specifically designed to last this just over two week stretch of time.


If you’re interested in participating it’s not a bad idea to find specific festivals that you are interested in checking out yourself on the calendar the Ramblers group provides well in advance of the festival beginning.


This will give you a better idea of where you want to focus your time and your energy, which types of themes are going to be celebrated this year, and which groups you’ll want to go off with – particularly if you are going to be bringing friends and family members with you.


Why You Should Walk More

 burn 500 calories walking

It’s obviously a good idea to get as much exercise as possible each and every day, but the cold, hard reality of our modern lives is that they are more sedentary now than ever before.


Worse, modern research is showing pretty conclusively that our sedentary lives are absolutely devastating both our short and long-term health. In fact, some studies are beginning to show that leading sedentary lives with more than 10 hours of inactivity each day can actually be worse than smoking two packs of cigarettes (or more) each day.


Walking is accessible to anyone and everyone with a mind to get out and explore, and when you mix in the winter weather and winter temperatures (as well as the clothing you’ll have to layer on before you head out into the winter mix) it isn’t all that difficult to burn 500 calories walking – and do so rather quickly.


The body is going to be consuming extra energy as is just to keep you warm because of the chilly weather. When you add a bit of physical exertion into the mix you’ll be improving your metabolic activity but you’ll also be improving your cardiovascular and endurance levels, too.


Best of all, you do not have to push yourself all that hard to kick your metabolism into high gear on these winter walks, either.


As a general rule of thumb people will burn between 70 and 100 cal per mile that they walk. If you’re able to walk four miles an hour (which isn’t all that difficult) you can quickly burn through 280 to 400 cal in that block of time.


Add in the extra calories that will be burned as your body goes through the thermogenic process of trying to keep you warm in winter weather and you’re looking at even more calories consumed – a great way to burn off some of those extra calories you may have consumed when eating your favorite holiday treats and meals!


If you’re interested in participating in the Festival of Walks hosted throughout the United Kingdom (100% free of charge, available to any and all that are interested in participating) you’ll want to visit the Ramblers website for more details. You’ll also find a detailed schedule of events on their website, as well as more information about the specific themes of each festival walk, locations and directions to these festival walks, and a whole host of tips and tricks to help you make the very most of these kinds of adventures!