Easy Workouts at Home

easy workouts at home

Easy Workouts at Home

Everyone should have a workout programme. It could be home workout with no equipment. It may be a gym workout plan for beginners. Those who already have a routine can opt for high intensity interval training or cross fit. Those who do not exercise and have little or no time to head to a gym should consider easy workouts at home. There are dozens of simple exercises at home that are easy, quick and effective. You do not need an hour to spare for a comprehensive workout routine at home.


Easy Workout Routine for Beginners

An exercise workout for beginners must start with stretching. There are many stretching workouts to do at home. You can consider these as your warm up exercises. Begin with stretching your neck, arms and legs. Progress to standing hamstring stretch, piriformis stretch, lunge with spinal twist, triceps stretch, ninety/ninety stretch, frog stretch, butterfly stretch, seated shoulder squeeze, side bend stretch, lunging hip flexor stretch, lying pectoral stretch and knee to chest stretch. You do not have to try all these in one session. Alter these easy exercises so the day-to-day workouts or routines remain interesting.

You should also consider seated neck release, lying quad stretch, sphinx pose, extended puppy pose, pretzel stretch, reclining bound angle pose and standing quad stretch. You should always begin a quick at home workout with stretching. It is the safest way to prevent injuries and cramps. Even if you have only twenty minutes to spare, you should stretch for five minutes or longer and then try the more challenging exercises.

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Exercises for Legs, Bums and Tums

All easy exercises at home should have a purpose. You should not lack an objective and measurable developments simply because you are indulging in an easy workout. Many easy exercises to do at home can have amazing transformative effects. For instance, you can practice exercises for abs. There are exercises for a firm butt. You can also explore a few easy exercises to tone arms. Such workouts should follow a thorough stretching routine.

Begin with squats. Regular squats are effective in transforming thighs and bums. They strengthen legs and also reduce fat in the lower abdomen. Lunges can firm and tone thighs and bums. Lunges also flex the quads. Calf raises are effective at toning legs. Do planks and bridges for bums and tums. Graduate to stomach crunches, oblique crunches and back raises. Pushups can tone your arms, chest and back. Pushups also enhance strength and endurance.  

You may find the same exercises boring and ineffective after a while, which is usually in a few months. You need to try new easy workouts at home to stay excited about your routine. Fortunately, there are enough workouts you can try at home. Try the superman pose on a yoga mat, replace regular pushups and other exercises with their variations, practice contralateral limb raises, assume the downward facing dog pose, do bent knee sit-ups and side planks, with bent knee if you want it to be more effective. You can consider supine reverse crunches, cobra pose, squat jumps and jumping jacks, different types of lunges and hip abduction, leg stand, pelvic tilts and eventually handstand or headstand if you attain the required level of strength, endurance and agility.

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Cool Down Exercises

Just as you should stretch and warm up before you try any intensive exercise, you should also cool down before you hop into the shower or leave the house. Walking is one of the most effective cool down exercises but if you cannot leave your house or have a treadmill at home, then you should consider mild full body stretching. Stretch your chest, core, arms and legs. You should regulate your breathing. Most exercises demand fast inhalation and exhalation. You should practice long inhales and exhales. This will reduce your blood pressure, calm the racing heart and hence pulse rate, cool your body temperature and basically restore the system to a normal mode.