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Different Diets From Around The World

diets around the world

People search diets around the world every day throughout every corner of the world for the optimal way to eat to maintain a healthy weight. And some are spending a good chunk of money in order to do it. The people of the United States spend in excess of $60 billion every year in an effort to lose weight and that includes their diet programs and their gym sign-ons. Ultimately, it isn’t going to matter how much time you log in your exercise routine if you’re eating poorly. And wherever you may live in the world, it’s up for debate what the healthiest diets in the world are to eat in order to stay trim.

It isn’t just a matter of the foods that you choose, it’s also how you fix the meals, and how much of the food that you consume in a sitting which will determine whether you will put on weight or not.

Typical Types of Diets

People diet for any number of different reasons but ultimately it is in order to have a healthier life. There are a vast array of options when it comes to the variety of diets around the world and choosing one that may work for you may prove challenging.

  • Paleo. This is said to be a natural way of eating in which sugar is completely eliminated. The only sugar that is acceptable is that available in fruit. Sugar is not the only sacrifice. There is also no processed foods or grains or dairy allowed. The less carbohydrates taken in will mean the lower amount of glucose which will result in the body using fat as a fuel source. This diet seems to be very restrictive lending the question of what can be eaten with all of the eliminations? Generally a paleo diet will consist of vegetables, nuts, fruits, oils, fish, sweet potatoes, fowl, meat, and eggs. The meat has to be grass-fed not grain.
  • Blood-type. There are some doctors who have begun research on diets that fall in line with a person’s blood type in an attempt to coincide a person with their specific dietary needs based on that blood type. Somehow the blood type will signify to the doctor specifically what foods that particular person can and cannot have, e.g. a person with Type A blood should eat a diet of tofu, turkey, and fruit, whereas if weight loss is a concern, they should concentrate on seafood, soy, and vegetables. They are to avoid meat.
  • Vegan. A balanced vegan diet is a version of the vegetarian diet in the way that it eliminates eating meat or any type of animal products. One of the major effects of the vegan diet is the reduction of the intake of cholesterol as well as saturated fat. Those who participate in this type of diet have to find ways to incorporate more resources for their protein as well as B-12 vitamin for their diet.
  • Mediterranean. A very vegetable-heavy diet which steers clear of meat but hasn’t eliminated it completely. It is touted as having been beneficial for depression as well as controlling levels of blood sugar and is a good source for weight loss. The use of oil is preferred with this diet as an alternative to things such as salad dressings, butter, or any type of marinades. Fish is preferred over chicken and larger amounts of nuts, whole grains, and herbs are suggested.

healthy vegetarian diet

Countries With The Best Diets

With health-related fears and obesity in the world, many people all over the globe are trying the various diets that are on the market in an effort to maintain their well being. This makes us curious as to which culture has the healthiest food.

  • Japan. Japan’s population offers among the highest of life expectancies within the world. Their diet has been signified as the reasons for this with a focus on vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, as well as a high level for certain carbohydrates. The Japanese government actually suggested with the issuance of a food guide that the population indulge in a diet that was low in processed foods and saturated fats and high in carbohydrates that came from either rice or vegetables. They also drink tea and water. White rice being bad is a misconception obviously.

healthiest diets in the world

  • Nordic. The people of the Nordic nations which would include Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland, tend to focus on oily fish, rye bread, root vegetables, local fruits, and fermented cheeses and milk. Their diet is low in sugar containing plenty of vegetables and fruits and very high in fiber. They take in little meat and not much as far as processed dairy.
  • West Africa. It is said that the population for Chad, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Senegal were found to surpass even Japan in eating healthily with their consumption of whole grains, vegetables, fruit, fish, foods high in omega 3 and fiber. Their consumption of processed foods is considerably less than Western countries allowing for much fewer instances of obesity and diabetes.
  • French. The French eat an unhealthy diet full of rich cheeses, croissants, and meats, but the key is they do so in very small portions and the food is considered to be extremely high quality which for which it is noted that palatable food allows a person to feel satisfied and not overeat.

Countries With Poor Diets

There are three countries in particular that have some of the worst diets among those around the world which has in turn affected their obesity rates in comparison to the other countries. Their populations do have access to traditional healthful recipes and cuisine, however, people tend to lean towards the unhealthy.

  • United States. This is really of no surprise. The poor health of the American people is mainly due to their poor diet and a lifestyle which is heavily sedentary. These habits have resulted in an adult obesity rate of upwards nearly 40 percent leading to high instances of cholesterol and hypertension issues. Diets generally consist of fast food with sugary drinks fulfilling them to the point that there is no need for the fresh foods like vegetables or fruits at the suggested level. Busy lives make the fast food chain much more appealing along with the low cost and quick turnaround.
  • Egypt. Sixty percent obesity rating within Egypt which is the highest among Africa. They eat sugar in such a volume that experts deem it as an addiction. A large portion of this goes in their tea, not to mention the many sugary desserts that they partake in. They also indulge in a lot of fried foods but admit to not consuming fruits or vegetables daily.
  • Costa Rica. They don’t have an obesity rating that comes close to the other two countries; however, their rating has gone up over fourfold within the past 40 years alone at a current rate of 26 percent. They are very indulgent with fatty foods particularly in their meats and their Empanadas which are fried. They have traded their fruits and vegetables for these fried foods. The fruits that they do consume are generally tropical which means much more sugar.

Why Meat Consumption Varies Around The World

Quite honestly meat consumption varies around the world because the richer that the country or the territory is, the more meat they are going to consume. That just seems to be a fact in the world the way it is today. It isn’t a matter of population, it’s simply a matter of money. For most of the lower income countries, meat is, unfortunately, considered to be a luxury. Sadly, though, the ones that are consuming the most meat are also doing the most damage to the earth. If we would indulge in a healthy vegetarian diet we would lessen our carbon footprint.

balanced vegan diet

You may ask what does a healthy vegetarian diet consists of and that can be any number of things that aren’t related to meat or animal products including vegetables, tofu, legumes, fruits, seeds, grains, nuts, healthy fats, dairy products, plant-based proteins. This diet is not only going to be much more healthy for you as an individual, but for the entirety of the planet.