Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga is associated more with posture and agility. The various poses are aimed at strengthening different muscles in your body, including the core. The postures are meant to relieve stress and also improve range of motion. Yoga, when combined with perfect breathing and in a calm or serene setting, can also be meditative. So, there are psychological benefits as well. Yoga is not always associated with weight loss. It is usually perceived to be about general wellbeing and weight management. However, there are many yoga poses for weight loss.


Can Yoga Help with Weight Loss?

can yoga help with weight loss


There are different forms of yoga. The style of yoga, level and length of the class, the intensity and pace of the session shall determine how many calories you burn. One session of yoga can burn anywhere from a hundred and eighty to four hundred and sixty calories. You may burn more. The quantum of calories burnt depends on age, bodyweight, metabolism, gender and other factors. A class or session of basic yoga spanning sixty minutes can burn around two hundred calories for an average person weighing seventy five kilograms. This is considerably less than what aerobics, swimming or running can burn. This leads us to the question of which yoga is the best for weight loss.


The answer is hot yoga or high intensity; fast paced yoga. This is similar to high intensity interval training and cross-fit. Both high intensity interval training and cross-fit programs combine exercises or workouts that people usually do at a gym but the pace is faster and the endurance is tested with more vigor. There are countless hot yoga weight loss stories. This is primarily because you can lose up to five hundred calories in one sixty minutes or ninety minutes session of hot yoga. This is more than what you can burn by playing golf for one hour, including walking on the course instead of taking the cart and carrying your own clubs. Five hundred calories is what an average person burns during slow freestyle swimming for one hour. In comparison, running for around sixty minutes at a speed of eight kilometers per hour burns up to six hundred calories.


Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss


There are over a dozen yoga poses you can try to lose weight. The top ten are plank, warrior pose, triangle, downward dog, shoulder stand, headstand, bridge, twisted chair, bow pose and sun salutations. Some of these are quite hard for beginners. For instance, shoulder stand and headstand are nearly impossible for someone who is not already strong and agile. Plank and bridge are relatively easier but how long you can hold the pose shall determine how many calories you will burn. A plank lasting thirty seconds has a fractional effect of what you can achieve by holding it for two minutes. The same applies to bridge. These poses should be combined with right breathing. Three other poses that should be included in a session are supine yoga including twists, tree pose and wheel pose.


There are two quintessential aspects of yoga that should be ensured to lose adequate weight. These are breathing and correct posture. Breathing yoga for weight loss has much better effects when the postures or poses are perfect. Hot yoga and weight loss is also more effective when breathing and posture are impeccable.


Benefits of Select Yoga Poses


As a practitioner of yoga, you should aim for timely progression from sun salutations to tree pose, goddess pose to wheel yoga and then to shoulder stand and headstand. When you can do the wheel pose, shoulder stand and headstand, you will already be at a much healthier bodyweight. Let us quickly highlight the benefits of the best yoga poses for weight loss.


Headstand Yoga Benefits

headstand yoga benefits


Headstand relieves stress, improves focus, increases blood circulation to and from the eyes, strengthens arms, shoulders, and core muscles, boosts digestion and hence metabolism, which helps speed up weight loss, detoxifies the adrenal glands, reduces buildup of fluid in ankles, feet ; legs and has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system.


Goddess Pose Yoga Benefits


Goddess pose increases the strength in your calves, inner thighs and the core muscles. The quadriceps is strengthened if the posture is correct and you hold on to it for two minutes or so. The pose also strengthens the upper back, arms and shoulders. It stretches the chest, groins and hips. It is a suitable stretching exercise for pregnant women.


Benefits of Supine Yoga Poses


Supine yoga poses are the ones you do lying on your back. Supine yoga relieves stress from the lower back, relaxes the shoulder muscles, elongates or stretches the spinal muscles that play a pivotal supporting role in the human body, increases digestion and also calms the mind.


Tree Pose Yoga Benefits

 breathing yoga for weight loss

Tree Pose is a stretching exercise but it also improves strength. The shoulders, torso, groins and thighs are adequately stretched. The posture improves strength in calves, ankles and the abdomen. People with flat feet should try this pose for relief. The pose is also recommended for those who have sciatica. The therapeutic effect alleviates pain and there is also an impact on the range of motion. Tree pose improves balance, coordination and focus.


Wheel Yoga Pose Benefits


Wheel pose stretches the muscles in your chest and also expand the lungs. It strengthens wrists, arms, the spine, abdomen, buttocks and legs. The post can stimulate the pituitary and thyroid glands. There is a significant boost to energy. There are therapeutic effects as well, such as alleviation of back pain, relief from asthma and better management of symptoms of osteoporosis.


Yoga is truly a workout for the body and the mind. Weight loss is not entirely a physical exercise. The mind matters as well. Your mood, focus or general state of mind can influence eating habits and that can complement or counter the workout routine. Sleep too affects weight loss goals. Yoga improves sleep and metabolism. Practice the best yoga poses for weight loss. Hold the poses longer and take shorter breaks. Regular sixty-minute sessions are sufficient.