5 Ways To Manage Stress When Moving House

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Moving is a point in a person’s life where anxiety and stress can be triggered due to the changes that are taking place. The transition into the unfamiliar along with the uncertainty and upheaval all have the potential to cause mental health conditions to exacerbate. A majority of the population find moving house stress to be worse than the anxiety associated with divorce, breakup of relationships, and beginning a new position in a company, all because it involves life’s biggest challenge in coping with change.

Why Moving House Is So Stressful

Moving is especially overwhelming in that it is a ‘letting go’ of what has become familiar and comfortable. Humans are not only territorial creatures but we also crave routine. Moving brings with it a sense of disorganization and chaos.

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Moving house stress results not only over what is to be but what has been. One of the main reasons why moving is so stressful for families is the memories that they have made particularly if they have been in their current home for a long period of time. It can be not only stressful but heartbreaking to leave a place where you created so many milestones in your life.

5 Ways To Manage Stress When Moving House

While moving can bring a sense of stress, loss, or potentially grief, there are many exciting aspects such as the feeling of having a new adventure and a multitude of new opportunities. The idea is to enhance the good feelings and try to reduce the negativity and stress as much as possible in order that the process can become an enjoyable one. There are a few things that you can do that will assist in coping with moving house so the process is smooth for everyone.

** Create To Do Lists

It’s important to get each member of the family including the children involved in the moving process. Everyone should have their own to-do list and each person should be responsible for organizing their space for the move. This allows individual time to reminisce and find closure. When the family comes together as a unit, it may be a bit easier to let go of the house after everyone has had a chance to say goodbye in their own way.

** Get Ahead With The Packing

If you have an idea of when you may be moving, it’s a good idea to start packing well ahead of time. This will allow you to do so at your leisure preventing any type of stress or pressure through rushing it at the last minute. After you each have the lists of what you need to do in each room, it’s time to start working on the items on those lists. When packing, the best approach is to designate things that you want to keep and things that you can actually donate or get rid of altogether from those things that you’re taking with you. A new place means a fresh start so why not declutter?

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** Clear Out The Cupboards

Take one day to completely clear out all of the cupboards. This is a job which can be frustrating, time consuming, and stress inducing. Rather than allowing it to bring negativity to you, make it into a fun activity. Have friends come over during this packing session and make it into a ‘party’ complete with food and drinks. In this way, you have a good time and get the work done all at the same time with no type of pressure. Once you’ve finished, go back through to make sure that they’re all completely empty and leave the doors open so that you know they’re all accounted for.

** Take 5 Minutes Out

Since the packing is going to be started well ahead of schedule, there is no reason to keep at it every day, day in and day out. Allow time for yourself. It may be a good idea to take some time to go visit some places that you enjoyed within the town or spend some time with a friend and share old memories. It’s okay to feel the sadness that goes along with a chapter coming to a close. You just don’t want to dwell there. Go on to discuss what your plans may be for the new place, what changes you may make in the new house, what you dreams are for the new destination. Look to the move as a new chapter, something exciting and joyful.

** Enjoy The Next Chapter

Managing the stress and anxiety through to the new chapter can be a challenge, but once you have reached that next chapter, you can reduce the stress by recreating a setting for yourself that looks familiar to you. Remember the routines that you deemed special in your old home and incorporate some of those things into your new life. Doing some of the same activities will allow you to develop a bond with the house and after a while it will become home.

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If you are finding yourself stressed about the move you’re about to make, try to adjust the mindset that you have from one of negativity to positivity, prepare and plan in order to prevent stress and pressure, and allow yourself to feel the sadness of loss. The critical thing is to move beyond that and realize the joy of what awaits you in the next adventure.