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home exercises to lose weight

Small changes can make a big difference. This is certainly true of any desires you may have to lose weight. Many people think they have to completely uproot their life overnight. This is not true.

Consider this list of the best home exercises to lose weight as an indication of just how much you can achieve. Even 5-10 minutes of activity a day is better than nothing at all. There are tons of easy exercises for beginners to lose weight.

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight At Home

Even twice a week for 30 days can yield positive weight-loss results. If you want to learn more about exercise to lose weight at home without equipment, here are 10 exercises to do at home to lose weight:

best exercise to lose weight at home

  1. Lunges: This is an excellent example of good exercises to lose weight at home. Doing lunges is a good low-impact way to build better balance. With your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms at your sides, begin by stepping forward and bending your right knee. Stop just as your thigh becomes parallel to the ground. Pushing up and off the right foot will bring you back to the starting position. Repeating with the left leg is a single rep. Try three sets of ten reps.
  2. Push-ups: Laying prone on the floor, knees extended and toes pointed towards the floor, push against your floor with your hands. After extending your elbows fully, hold the upwards position for a moment. Do these ten to fifteen times. If you want to exercise to weight loss at home, strongly consider pushups.
  3. Squats: Stand straight, keeping the feet a little wider should shoulder-width distance. Bracing your core, keep the chest and chin up, as you push the hips back and bend the knees. Imagine the motions of sitting down in a chair.
  4. Crunches: Lay down flat, knees bent, and feet upon the floor. Lifting and placing your hands behind the head, you will inhale deeply. While lifting your upper torso from the ground, exhale. Inhale as you go back down, exhale as you come back up. Try 2 or 3 sets of ten.
  5. Burpees: In terms of exercises to lose fat, you can’t beat the full body benefits of burpees. Stand upright, making sure your feet are shoulder-width apart from one another. Arms at your sides. Start squatting downwards, hands stretching before you. When your hands touch the ground, shift into the pushup position, and do one pushup. Returning to your starting push-up position, you need to jump the feet upwards to the palms by hinging at your waist. As you stand up straight, put your hands above the head, and do a jump. Try three sets of ten reps.
  6. Twist Crunches: Ready for a variation on crunches? This example of fat burning exercises at home is basically the same as a regular crunch. The difference is lifting your right shoulder towards your left, while keeping your left torso on the floor. Try for two or three sets of 10.
  7. Side Crunches: Similar to the twist crunches, all you need to do is keep tilting the legs to the same side as the shoulder simultaneously. Do two or three sets.
  8. Bicycle Exercises: You don't need a bicycle for this essential of many examples of the 20-minute workout. Lying down on the floor, put your hands either behind the head or at your sides. After lifting your legs from the ground, bend them right at your knees. The right knee will come close to the chest, while the left leg stays out. Switch up and then repeat. This is similar to the motion of riding a bike.
  9. Walking: Even walking at a steady pace for a few minutes a day can improve your cardio to a meaningful degree. Move around the room a bit, stretching your arms upwards in mid-motion, if you want to mix things up a bit.
  10. Sit-ups: What is the best exercise for weight loss? Sit-ups get lost in the shuffle of potential answers to that question. As long as you don't have lower back issues, lay down. You want the knees bent, the feet to be flat, and the hands to be behind the head. Roll upwards from your head, keeping the feet firmly on the ground. Once the chest meets the legs, start a controlled effort to return to starting position. Try three reps of fifteen sit-ups.

20 minute workout

The Benefits Of At-Home Exercise

As you can see from the list above, home exercises to lose weight are easier to implement than you probably think. You do not need any equipment for the suggestions listed above. However, if you want to mix things up after building up your experience, consider purchasing a couple of 5-pound dumbbells/weights. These are cheap, and they can be combined seamlessly with your workout.